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We’re Rich and Ritch, the Serendipity Seekers

Richard and I (Ritchel) are Filipino solo-travelers who met each other by pure serendipity. Rich n’ Ritch Travels is a collection of our personal experiences, explorations, snapshots, and reflections on the road. This blog does not contain itineraries, budget breakdown, blog tips, income reports, and other practical information. It is more about the unpredictable journey of two souls spontaneously seeking for heights and adventures.

I am a teacher who works full-time on weekdays, travel around Philippines on weekends, and visit several countries abroad on summer and Richard is a former Systems Administrator who left his 7.5 year-old job in Nigeria and spontaneously went backpacking in all ASEAN countries and Israel for 7.5 months before he headed home to Philippines on January 2017. Since our paths crossed last March and agreed to be travel buddies, we regularly go hiking together in the pristine ranges and peninsulas of Panay.

We are both based in Aklan who dream to explore the Philippines and beyond by starting in our own island – Panay. Individually, we’ve been to numerous destinations in the country and in Asia. We both have conquered the rooftops of Aklan, Antique, and Negros Occidental

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