Amsterdam: Falling In Love With The Venice Of The North

Both the capital and cultural heart of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is famed for a rich architectural and artistic pedigree, the canals that see it named “the Venice of the North”, and a frivolity that engages 14-15 million tourists a year. There are more than 1,500 bridges in the city and a smorgasbord of opportunities to party, play, enrich yourself culturally, learn the history and simply enjoy the charms of a city with real European character. It’s easy to get lost and fall in love with Amsterdam. This guide will help prevent the former and ensure the latter.

Getting in

By far the most common route into the city is landing by plane. Schiphol is the main airport; Eindhoven and Rotterdam airports can prove cheaper, and the NS Dutch Railways System is very well organized, but the easiest way to get in is by taking a taxi from Amsterdam airport

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