An active family holiday in Scotland: Day 1

An active family holiday in Scotland: Day 1 By on Sep 01, 2021 in Europe, Family Travel, Regions, Speciality Travel, United Kingdom, Western Europe

With the pandemic still dragging on, our Summer holiday plans were never looking likely to go beyond our own shores. Not that we minded at all – we actually love exploring the UK! And having upgraded our modest campervan to a slightly more spacious (but equally modest) motorhome the previous year, it made sense to go and have an explore!

Now I know many people reading won’t regard campervanning or motorhoming as luxury travel, particularly in our vehicle which is over 10 years old, but I think this all comes down to the traveller’s mindset. After all, the ability to be able to set off when you want, go wherever you want and stop wherever you want,

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