An adventure destination for honeymooners

When thinking about where to go on honeymoon the first places that spring to mind are the famous and traditional ones that are steeped in romance. Such places such as Paris, Venice or Rome. All these cities are tied to the idea of romance, through films, books and our imaginations. All have that old world appeal, with their backgrounds of rich history, art and culture. To the modern newly-weds, that may seem rather old fashioned, as globalization and cheaper international travel has opened up destinations in far-flung corners of the world. The trend nowadays is to choose more exotic locations. Also, the idea of spending a honeymoon on some idyllic beach, in a far-away place, has more appeal than a city bound holiday.

Honeymoons are special, more so than any other type of holiday, you will remember it always and want to hold on to those memories of

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