ANSWERED: 21 questions you’re asking about becoming a digital nomad

After my recent post about digital nomad programs, I realized I really hadn’t written all that much about the lifestyle I’ve enjoyed for the last several years. Whether you’ve thought about becoming a digital nomad or have wondered if you can do it yourself, consider this a collection of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a digital nomad, answered with a no BS attitude. Here we go…

What is a digital nomad?

Yes, these nomads could be digital nomads.

A person who works digitally, lives nomadically, and travels extensively. Add in romantic notions about working from the beach at your own risk — more likely, they’re working from a hotel, a temporary apartment, or an Airbnb.

Digital nomads may have a home base they return to for work or family, but the ‘nomad’ part of the name implies they’re often somewhere new or different. It’s perfectly acceptable to go between the

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