Around the world in five cocktails: Here’s a travel guide with a twist

An elegantly crafted cocktail is a thing of beauty and can create a lasting memory of the location in which it is served. Travel guide with a twist.

I know from my own experience travelling the world that there are certain things that define my memory of a destination; the food, the people, and sometimes a particular taste or smell, something that sticks in my mind, that I always recall when reminiscing about my stay.

Intrigued by the idea that a particular drink could inspire thoughts of a single destination, I’ve put together a travel guide (with a twist) to some of my favourite places.


One of the best examples I can share with you is my memory of the first Mount Gay Old Fashioned cocktail I drank on Barbados. Sitting at the ocean front bar of Cobblers Cove, a traditional plantation house on Barbados, I

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