Asia’s most lavish holiday villas for a luxury ‘isocation’ experience

Yes. You read it correctly – isocation. No typographical errors here. We know how the pandemic and the quarantine have sparked a phenomenal new wave of creativeness among people – learning new skills, discovering new hobbies, and – to the travel community – inventing new words.

Isocation: an amalgamation of the words ‘isolation’ and ‘vacation’. The terminology refers to the anticipated travel trend following the cessation of quarantines and border closures wherein people will prefer to seclude themselves in luxury accommodations with exclusive in-house facilities and services. This is based on the certainty that people are eager to refill their need for leisurely travel, but planning for a future vacation is not without special attention to safety and health.

However, though the word has a touch of novelty to it, such holiday experiences have long been enjoyed by elite travelers even before the pandemic. This is courtesy of luxury rental

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