At this museum of mushrooms, what can kill you is just a few centimeters away

Yep — you read that right, a mushroom museum. Call it Muzej gljiva if you prefer using the Croatian name, and think of it as an education center. This collection exists thanks to the hard work of Dr. Romano Božac. From starting a mushroom association in 1983, a newspaper in 1984 to an encyclopedia, several books and hundreds of scientific papers and articles, this is a man who has spent his life and energy on mushrooms. Oh, and he’s discovered over 40 new species of mushrooms, many of which are on display here. One of them is named tuber donnagotta, after the doctor’s two truffle-hunting dogs, Donna and Gotto.

The thousands of exhibits are carefully labeled and documented, from the deadly and poisonous types to the ‘choice’, tasty ones.

It’s worth noting that every mushroom seen here is a real one, preserved using a freeze-dried process that can take up to 200 hours per

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