Atlantic City vs Vegas: Which should you choose? >>>>> Photo by BruceEmmerling / Public Domain

Vegas is usually the first place that springs to mind when thinking about destinations in the U.S. to visit casinos, but Nevada doesn’t have a monopoly on gambling in the States. For a time, Atlantic City was even tipped to become the “next Las Vegas,” although that isn’t quite how events played out.

As well as casinos, the two destinations have many similarities that include nightclubs, luxury restaurants, various types of entertainment and plenty of high-end shopping. But if you can only visit one, is Las Vegas the obvious choice, or is Atlantic City a better option?

Atlantic City

Since the opening of the first Atlantic City casinos in 1978, the New Jersey hot spot has quickly grown to become a favorite among card players. Right along the famous Atlantic City boardwalk, you’ll find places to enjoy table games, slots and

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