Attending Disney’s D23 Expo on a Shoestring Budget

Attending the D23 Expo does not have to break your wallet. The Anaheim area is one of the more expensive destinations to explore in Southern California. Here’s how to you can still enjoy plenty of Disney magic on a budget.

Photo Credit: Autism Traveling Mom Margalit Francus

D23 Expo on a Budget

Every two years, Disney hosts its fans at the magical D23 Expo in Southern California. The 2017 Expo will take place in Anaheim July 14-16.

The D23 Expo includes exhibits, sneak peeks of future Disney movies, special celebrity appearances, and special presentations. There is also plenty of exclusive Disney giveaway swag and unique souvenirs available for purchase.

But the D23 Expo can be very expensive. We attended the popular Expo back in 2015 and learned a few tricks and tips how to cut the costs.

Photo Credit:Autism Traveling Mom Margalit Francus

Save Money on Lodging Expenses

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