5 top Mediterranean islands to explore

5 top Mediterranean islands to explore By Dan Frith on Sep 29, 2022 in Europe, France, Greece, Italy, Regions, Spain, Western Europe The Mediterranean is surrounded by Europe, Asia, and Africa and is connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Strait of Gibraltar. The Mediterranean has over 150 islands varying in size. The five largest Mediterranean islands […]

5 great Mykonos beach clubs

5 great Mykonos beach clubs By Dan Frith on Aug 18, 2022 in Clubs, Europe, Going Out, Greece, Regions, Western Europe If your favourite thing to do on holiday is take to the beach, lay on the golden sand and listen to the ebb and flow of the turquoise sea as it caresses the beach, […]

5 luxurious Mediterranean villas

5 luxurious Mediterranean villas By Dan Frith on Jul 21, 2022 in Accommodation, Europe, Greece, Regions, Spain, Vacation Rentals, Western Europe Luxury is a word often over worked in the travel industry. I stayed in AirB&B establishment purporting to be luxurious, they were anything but, that didn’t seem to deter the owners from slapping on […]

5 great rides in Mallorca

5 great rides in Mallorca By Dan Frith on Jun 18, 2022 in Europe, Leisure Travel, Regions, Road Travel, Spain, Speciality Travel, Western Europe Cycling is big business in Mallorca and is actively encouraged, promoted and supported by the Mallorquins. It’s estimated that more than 35,000 cyclists arrive in Mallorca each year making Mallorca one […]