Ten of the best hot tub hideaways in the UK

In this busy world, we must take time out to recharge our batteries and that doesn’t mean boarding a long-haul flight to a distant sandy beach or signing up to a silent, meditative treat. Sometimes, all we need is right on our doorstep and a weekend in the countryside especially with a hot tub to […]

8 of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful vineyards to visit in Tuscany

Since the glorious concoction of wine was discovered as early as the 9th century BC, people have been captivated by its fullness or body, to have with bubbles or without and simply, its bouquet. Scores of tracts of lands have been dedicated to the cultivation of the perfect grape and generations of families have thus been […]

15 travel hacking accessories that will improve your life in 2017

From inflatable chairs to desks you can carry around with you everywhere, here are 15 of ultimate up-the-minute travel hacks that will make your globetrotting adventures a piece of cake in 2017. Get ready to be revolutionised and become a 21st-century intrepid nomad….we promise you’ll be wondering how you ever coped before! 1. The Smart […]