The Real Reason I Hate Traveling Alone.

When I got home, I cried. Finally. Rand hugged me, wore that same worried look he gets on his face when something goes wrong and he’s not there for it. For a long time I wondered what it was about me that meant the second I went on a trip on my own, things started […]

The Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have written about my love for Philadelphia before, and it seems only right that today, the day after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, that I would write about that town once again. I mean no disrespect to Boston – a city that is near and dear to my heart, but I do mean a […]

What Kill Bill Taught Me About Surviving Abuse

When I was 23, a few weeks after Kill Bill premiered, I dressed up as Uma Thurman’s character from the film for Halloween. In it, she wears a yellow jumpsuit that is itself an homage to Bruce Lee’s outfit in Game of Death. I searched for weeks for something similar, and finally found a pair of […]

Moving On.

We’ve moved. After 7 years in the townhome we rented – longer than I’ve lived anywhere in my entire, Rand and I moved into our first house. It wasn’t far – just across town, but I was surprised by how hard it was, especially for two people who were constantly moving from one city to […]

Philadelphia on the First Snowfall of the Season

Posted on Jan 9, 2018 Our friends insist they are not romantics. When they were married in Philadelphia half a decade ago, an unexpected storm had shut down the city. No one showed up to open the church that day so they were married in the snowy lot outside, the drift coming up to their […]

16 years.

Posted on Jan 5, 2018 It happened last month without fanfare: Rand and I celebrated another year together. We’ve had so many anniversaries that they often pass by without us noticing them. I understand now why Rand’s grandparents have to take a moment to remember how many years they’ve been together, why they both give […]

The Hot Decluttering Trend for 2018: American Apocalypse Purging

(Above: Trouble throwing out clothes? Try a signature look, like Aunty Entity’s all-season chainmail frock.) It’s 2018. Time to start the new year off right by finally paring down your possessions, throwing out excess, and living simply. Because society as we know it might be over by March. The Swedes have a practice that they […]

The World’s Oldest Bookstore: Livraria Bertrand, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is full of bookstores. They are everywhere, tucked into odd-shaped nooks so that they almost blend in with the facades. Some were ancient, and so resembled museum exhibits that I simply stared at them from afar, not realizing that we could actually go inside. This was my initial reaction to Livraria Bertrand – the […]

Hello. Goodbye.

Hello. I am back. At least, I’m telling myself that I am back. I am committing, under the binding oath of the internet (my hand firmly placed on a laptop open to reddit’s homepage as I swear this to you) to try to blog again this year. Do you hear that, internet? I AM GOING […]

Bar Luce: A Wes Anderson Designed Cafe in Milan, Italy

I am not the first to discover Bar Luce. Designed by filmmaker Wes Anderson, it opened in 2015 and I did not learn of its existence until 2017, which is a lifetime in the world of the hip and the trendy. It sits on the outskirts of Milan, crowded with flawlessly beautiful and bored looking […]

The Monkeys of Gibraltar

Note: We were in Spain last spring, but work on the book meant that I haven’t gotten around to blogging about a lot of the places we visited. In keeping with the better-late-than-never mindset that characterizes much of my life, I’m finally writing about some of the strange and wonderful things we saw. If you want […]