5 reasons to make Lake Malawi your next destination

If you haven’t considered Lake Malawi as a destination already, an image of her azure blue water and picture perfect beaches will probably do the trick. But if you need a little more, here are five reasons that will make you wish you were already there… 1. You get to travel on the MV Ilala The […]

5 places to visit in central Malawi

Although it is home to the country’s capital and main airport, Central Malawi is not as popular with visitors as the better-known attractions to the south of the country. But it does have plenty of places to visit and great experiences on offer, all within relatively easy access of the point where most people enter […]

Malawi safaris – an overview

Malawi is a country that is visited for the remarkable variety of attractions it offers – beautiful beaches on Lake Malawi, genuine and friendly cultural interactions, stunning scenery and thrilling safaris. But, whilst travellers are now visiting and exploring Africa as a whole for more than just its animals, it is still true that safaris […]

Top 5 adventure activities in Malawi (beyond safaris)

Although visitors look to most African destinations primarily for their safari experiences, there are plenty of other great outdoor and water-based adventure activities on offer, and Malawi is one country that has a surprisingly wide choice of activities available to enjoy despite its relatively small size. The calm, clear waters of Lake Malawi are a […]

Lake Malawi – the jewel in Malawi’s crown

Having given an overview of Malawi’s unique variety of attractions in last month’s blog (lake, landscape, wildlife and culture), this month we will focus in on what is probably the best known: Lake Malawi. Widely viewed as Malawi’s primary tourism asset and also known as the Lake of Stars, Lake Malawi is a wondrous inland […]

Malawi’s varied attractions: wildlife, culture, landscape and lake

Described as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’, Malawi is a relatively 
little known gem of this diverse continent yet has so much to offer: wildlife, culture, scenery, and of course Lake Malawi. It is the unique combination of these attractions that make Malawi so special. Where else will you find a genuinely warm welcome in […]