Tanzania’s safari secrets

Tanzania is renowned for its abundance of wildlife and exceptional game viewing opportunities. With so many different camp and lodge options, there are also a plethora of many wonderful safari activities. With hot-air ballooning, walking and vehicular safaris being the norm for visitors, it is easy to fall in line with everyone else and miss […]

Wildlife documentaries you must watch in lockdown

By Marc Harris on May 22, 2020 in Africa, Angola, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Kenya, Regions, South Africa, Tanzania, Travel Miscellany, Videos, Zimbabwe With a lot of the world in a state of ‘lock-down’ in one form or another, there is no better time to be transported to Africa from the comfort of your […]

The 5 best family lodges in Tanzania

As we know, holiday plans around the world are on hold at the moment due to Covid-19. What better way to get through these troubling times, than to look forward to when this is all over and we can take that family holiday we have been dreaming of. I cannot think of many better countries […]

The 5 best independent safari lodges to support in 2021 

Firstly, I hope everyone is staying safe and sane in the current climate. With Covid-19 sweeping the world, most peoples travel plans will have been put firmly on hold. Looking hopefully into the future though, lets look forward to 2021 when the world is hopefully in a happier state. The survival of independent safari lodges […]

5 highlights from a trip to Tanzania

A Tanzanian safari epitomises the ‘safari dream’. With rolling grassy plains, lazy lions on kopjies, migrating herbivores and luxury tented accommodation, it is just as one would imagine a scene from Africa. There are however, so many different options when it comes to choosing where to stay on safari so below you will find some […]

The best private lodges in the African wilderness

Africa’s safari camps and lodges are renowned for being especially intimate and wild, more so than any other hospitality experience throughout the rest of the world. Take the most private and most intimate lodges across the continent and you have the best wilderness experience the world has to offer. Dotted around safari Africa are several […]

The best reasons to visit Ruaha

Although it is the biggest National Park in East Africa, Ruaha in the South of Tanzania is unheard of by most. The Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti in the North of the country are the headline stealers due to their popularity and the presence of the Great Migration and their Big 5 density, but down […]

The top 5 best value luxury Tanzania lodges

On most of the classic “fly-in” safaris, the lodges you stay at will all have a certain level of luxury which cannot be replicated on any other kind of holiday. The personalised safari experience really is unparalleled throughout the world of hospitality. The attention to detail, personalised service, friendly atmosphere and amazing food in the […]

The best places in Africa to see elephants

By Marc Harris on Feb 13, 2020 in Adventure Travel, Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Leisure Travel, Regions, South Africa, Speciality Travel, Tanzania, Zimbabwe The big five are arguably the most renowned animals across the continent of Africa. Named because they were the hardest to hunt on foot, the buffalo, lion, leopard, rhino and elephant are probably […]

The best beach hotels in Tanzania

The characterful Zanzibar Island is Tanzania’s most loved and well-known beach spot. However, there are an awful lot of incredibly mediocre hotels on the island, so picking the right one really is make or break. Luckily, there are still a few excellent boutique hotels on the island. In the wider archipelago are the private islands […]

Your wildlife bucket list for 2020

By Marc Harris on Jan 14, 2020 in Adventure Travel, Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Regions, Rwanda, South Africa, Speciality Travel, Tanzania, Uganda If there is ever a time for contemplating what to do throughout the year, then there is no better time than the start of a new decade. With concerns about wildlife stability and […]