Top 5 reasons to take a ski lesson

Whatever level you ski and snowboard at, taking a professional lesson by a reputable company will pay off in dividends, and make you wonder why you have not been taking lessons all along. In case you need convincing, here are 5 reasons to take a ski or snowboard lesson. 1. Safety Running the risk of […]

5 positives to a ski holiday lacking in snow

The snow sports industry is entirely at the whim of the weather and – as much as we wish that we could – we simply cannot control it. Having a bad snow season unfortunately goes with the territory, though of course our disappointment is entirely valid when we fly across the globe only to find […]

Top 7 hidden gems for eating out in Hakuba, Japan

With so much information – and indeed mis-information – out there when it comes to Hakuba`s best dining spots, it can be very difficult to distinguish the true culinary delights from the everyday restaurants. How we all rate dining experiences is a rather personal and subjective thing, but from 10 years of living in Hakuba […]

5 top tips for the nervous skier

From all of the hype, social media and marketing that goes into the ski industry – we could be mistaken in believing that everyone who has ever skied cannot get enough of the sport. While indeed that is a nice idea, it is also not the reality. I would go as far as to say […]

5 reasons why February is a great time to ski in Hakuba, Japan

Every month in Hakuba has its merits, and the best time to travel very much depends on your interests, goals and what you would most like to experience while in Hakuba. Specifically focusing on the winter months and ski tourism, here are 5 reasons why February is a great time to ski in Hakuba. 1. […]

Top 5 pieces of ski equipment to buy and not rent

Thanks to the advancement of well-stocked and user-friendly rental shops in ski resorts world wide, it is no longer necessary to lug heavy and cumbersome ski equipment with us on our travels. Some skiers may opt to travel with their own ski boots, but overall travelling lighter and not being weighed down by ski hardware […]