5 ski slope behaviours to avoid

Skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed for a lifetime without incident or injury. That said, there are factors that will increase our likelihood of mishap, and ironically many of these are behaviours or habits that we develop as we gain confidence and skills on the slopes. For the sake of our bodies, our longevity on […]

10 reasons to ski at Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park this winter

For those residing in Japan the prospect of travelling overseas this winter season is increasingly less likely. In the spirit of making the best out of a tough situation, let us instead focus on maximising our enjoyment within Japan and rediscovering some of the magic that is here. As Japan boasts the most ski resorts […]

Top 5 family friendly hikes in the Columbia Valley, Canada

There are so many wonderful hikes to be done yet so many of them require a good fitness level, hiking experience and the ability to cover distances that can be challenging for the young, injured and elderly. Ultimately, fewer older and younger individuals feel that they cannot approach hiking as a recreation and end up […]

8 top tips for hiking with young children

Hiking with small children does limit our ability to explore larger terrain and access certain areas – particularly those in the high alpine or with a significant elevation gain. It is not uncommon to see once avid hikers taking multi-year hiatuses from hiking after having children, as the effort and patience necessary to bring them […]