Top 5 home exercises to stay ski fit during the off season

With so many `unknowns` in the foreseeable future, it Is hard to say for sure when we will next be on the slopes. in the meantime however we can ensure that we are in the best possible shape for for when we do get back out there with a few simple home exercises that require […]

5 things to consider when booking a family ski holiday

A great family ski holiday can leave you with life long memories and in still a passion for winter snow sports for life. That said, creating such a holiday does take some thoughtful planning, research and honest self reflection as to our own skills and goals. Exposing children to temperature extremes, physically tiring days and […]

3 outdoor activities to do in a closed ski resort

We find ourselves in unchartered territory as Coronavirus tightens its global grip. For those that have made their way to a ski destination or indeed live in one, we can only look on as many of the resorts close and cease to spin their lifts. In an effort to glean something positive from this, there […]

Top 5 reasons to take a ski lesson

Whatever level you ski and snowboard at, taking a professional lesson by a reputable company will pay off in dividends, and make you wonder why you have not been taking lessons all along. In case you need convincing, here are 5 reasons to take a ski or snowboard lesson. 1. Safety Running the risk of […]

5 positives to a ski holiday lacking in snow

The snow sports industry is entirely at the whim of the weather and – as much as we wish that we could – we simply cannot control it. Having a bad snow season unfortunately goes with the territory, though of course our disappointment is entirely valid when we fly across the globe only to find […]