Top 5 up-and-coming golf destinations for 2020

By Ravi Coutinho on Jan 18, 2020 in Asia, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, Europe, Italy, Leisure Travel, Mexico, North America, Portugal, Regions, Speciality Travel, Thailand, Western Europe Anyone who loves golf and travel has a few bucket list golf courses on their minds, like The Old Course at St. Andrews or Pebble Beach. But when you […]

Top 5 toughest tee times to get in the British Isles in 2020

Traveling to play golf typically involves playing on bucket list courses — the famous ones with long, storied pasts that you’ve seen the greats play in tournaments throughout the years. Unfortunately, some of these courses are notoriously difficult to get onto, for a variety of reasons. Here are our top five most sought after courses […]

Top 5 luxurious winter holiday golf trips to escape the cold

By Ravi Coutinho on Nov 14, 2019 in Africa, Attractions, Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Going Out, Hawaii, Leisure Travel, Mexico, Morocco, North America, Regions, South Africa, Speciality Travel With cold weather in full swing in most of the northern hemisphere, playing golf outside is probably the last thing on your mind. But that doesn’t mean you […]

The most haunted spots near golf courses in Scotland

If you’re a fan of golf, you’re probably a fan of Scotland, a region of the world with a long history, and not just as the home of golf. This history includes several tragedies and violent battles, and Scotland has no shortage of ghost stories to share. We can think of nothing more luxurious than […]

Top 5 hotels for a luxury stay in St. Andrews

Playing at the Home of Golf is a bucket list item for most golfers. The Old Course at St. Andrews is a club with a storied past, and crossing the Swilcan Bridge is a dream for any player. But knowing where to stay while you’re visiting the Scottish town of St. Andrews can take a […]

Getting to play the Old Course at St. Andrews

The Old Course at St. Andrews is arguably the most popular bucket-list course on any golfer’s list of must-play links. This is not only because of its famed difficulty, or the long list of incredible players and stars who have crossed the Swilcan Bridge, or the list of important tournaments that have crossed its greens. […]