Iceland in 2021 – social distance locations

Despite news of vaccines and a changing political environment, I think it’s safe to say that the COVID-19 virus won’t be fully eradicated any time soon. Not in the first half of 2021 anyway. However, that doesn’t mean that travel and ‘life’ can’t take on a semblance of normality as countries and borders get to […]

Winter is coming for Iceland

Winter is coming! A phrase adopted by Game of Thrones many years ago, but also something often muttered by the locals when the first snow falls in the autumn months. For the locals, it spells the end of harvest season and the start of a difficult winter. For tourists, it’s the beginning of a winter […]

Quarantining under the Northern Lights

Last night’s surprise Northern Lights were breathtaking. The KP index showed low activity and it was forecast to be quite cloudy. And yet, in the middle of night, they appeared over Reykjavik, drowning out the sporadic street lights. It got me thinking. In Iceland right now, you need to do a test on arrival, quarantine […]

Iceland in the shadow of COVID-19: A day on top of a volcano

The title, ‘In the shadow of COVID-19’ sounds a little ominous, don’t you think? Trust me, it’s intentional! Iceland is operating again, that’s for sure. Tourists are returning, albeit in small numbers. And people are starting to relax into everyday life. However, to say it is business as usual is simply not true. In fact, in the […]

The midnight sun on the glacier lagoon

In the past few weeks Iceland has seen a small amount of tourists filter back into the country. This is largely thanks to the success of comprehensive border testing. The few people who have chosen to take the risk of travelling this year have been met with empty landscapes and untouched terrain. A stark change […]

Iceland update: start planning, but maybe not flying just yet

Since my last post there have been a number of developments in Iceland. Many positive and some that require re-examining. Therefore I have dedicated this month’s blog post to adding additional information and including any changes. The question posed 1 month ago was, ‘Is it now the right time to come to Iceland?’ My answer to […]