Ways to Provide Fun Experiences For Your Friends

One of my biggest pleasures in life is creating opportunities for my friends and family. There are a lot of things I do all the time, but when I think of who I am by definition, I think of myself as someone who tries to create things for his friends. This is what drives all […]

Brain Training

There is one fundamental tool I use all the time, because it’s so adaptable. I use it for myself and for a large number of my clients. I don’t know if there’s some official name for it, but I think of it as brain training. We will all naturally gravitate towards activities that we find […]

Why Drinking Alcohol is a Bad Idea

This post was suggested by a drinker, which I thought was pretty funny. He goes back and forth on it, though, so maybe he’s on the fence and I can help push him to one side (hopefully my side). I don’t drink. I’ve had five sips total in my life, three of them accidental. I’ll […]

The Starting Out Blueprint

When I asked readers and friends for blog post ideas, one of the most common I got was what they’d suggest for someone just starting out. One guy said a 15 year old homeless orphan (I guess to remove any possibility of a leg up), and another asked about his teenage son, but the gist […]

Thoughts on Relationships

I get asked a lot to write about relationships, probably because I used to be involved in pickup and it seems strange to some that I’m now married (though from my perspective getting married is an obvious outcome of getting good at pickup/dating). I’m always a bit hesitant to write about it, because relationships are […]

If You Haven’t Made Progress in a Year

You never know how your year is going to go. I often try to predict mine, and my predictions are usually nowhere close to what actually happens. Nearly inevitably, though, I make a bunch of progress in one way or another. If that wasn’t the case, major alarm bells would be ringing. Major major alarm […]

The Magic of Transoceanic Cruises

I’m currently on a cruise, which is really where I’d be for most of the year if I had my way. While I do love all cruises to some extent, there is a certain secret type of cruise that is by far the best type: The Westbound Transatlantic or it’s more rare cousin, The Westbound […]

What It’s Like Sharing Properties With Friends

I get tons of questions about what it’s like sharing property with friends, which makes me happy because I assume that it means that other people are thinking about doing the same thing. I stumbled upon it by accident, but shared property with friends is one of the major awesomeness-multipliers in my life. My first […]

My Top Favorite Places All Over Japan

One of the best travel deals out there happens to be in the country that most people (mistakenly) believe to be one of the most expensive. Japan has the JR Rail Pass, which, for under $300 gives you unlimited access to nearly every train in Japan for a week. Using this pass you can easily […]

My Friends and I Bought a Condo in Hawaii

My friends and I have individual condos in Vegas, an island in eastern Canada, and a flat in Budapest. It’s not the same group for each property, but there’s a lot of overlap. I realized that none of our places are ideal for winter, though Budapest does have its charm, so I started thinking about […]

My Unusual Computer Setup

A while back, around the time I switched to Linux, I had the realization that any amount of effort I spent customizing my computer would probably pay off. I use the thing just about every day and gains are cumulative so I may as well think about how to make my computer better for me. […]

How to Automate Your Curtains

This is such a niche thing, but you’d be shocked at how many requests I get for information on how I did it. A couple years back I gave a talk about automation, ranging from home to habits to business, and almost all of the follow-up emails I got were about the curtains. I first […]

How I Choose What to Work On

I get asked often how I choose what to work on. From the outside, I can see why people ask. The projects I work on are fairly wide-ranging, from coding CruiseSheet to writing blog posts to random adventures and building things. Things make a little more sense when you understand that making money is only […]

Living Frugally and Loving It

I’ve talked before about how important it is to live frugally. A lot of people probably brush it off because it sounds like too great of a sacrifice or not relevant to them, but I think that’s a mistake. It is possible to live frugally and to love it at the same time. In general, […]

Eliminating Minor Vices

I don’t think I’m qualified to suggest how to kick major vices like heroin and alcohol, but I have plenty of experience with minor vices like procrastination and time-wasting activities, both with myself and people I coach. The fundamental first step that many people skip is determining why they want to eliminate a vice. That […]