You Don't Need Permission

I’ll never forget the first moment I stepped foot on our island. We hadn’t actually bought it yet, but the seller had agreed to let us camp on it the night before to “test it out”. As soon as we saw the island from the boat I knew it was a done deal. But the […]

Envisioning Your Future

A lot of people don’t reach their true potential not because they aren’t capable of it, but because they keep using their actions to go into the wrong directions. Or, even worse, directions that are sort of like the right direction, but just enough degrees off that they won’t ever get there. We tend to […]

Thoughts on Materials

I visited my girlfriend’s new apartment this week and after one night there insisted on getting her cotton sheets to replace the poly-blend sheets she already had. I think she thought I was a little bit nuts, but materials matter a lot to me. And because I’m more obsessed with these things than the average […]

Write a Monthly Review

I always look forward to the first of the month, and ironically it’s because there’s a bit of work that I do every first that I really look forward to. I write a couple monthly reviews. One of them is for CruiseSheet, but another is just for life in general. I send it to two […]

Building an Island Cabin

I had intended to come back to the island once more before building the cabin, but the timing didn’t work out. I nervously climbed up the hill to check the spot that I had decided to build on. Was it as clear as I remembered it? I forgot to take pictures. At first it looked […]

Good and Bad Value

One of my friends remarked that I’m really obsessed with value. It’s true. I love spending money on things that are great value and I hate spending money on things that are a bad value. I thought I’d share a few examples of ways I’ve spent money that feel like good and bad values. Island […]

Removing Friction

The glamorous side of productivity and self improvement is the big changes. You put your stake in the ground, decide to make a change, and you do it. You start a new set of habits or a new project. These are positive things, but we sometimes forget about the other side of forward progress. Throughout […]

Why I Bought a Bentley and What It's Like

In 2003, Rick Rubin offered me a ride in his Bentley Arnage. I declined because I thought the place we were going was within walking distance, and only after he drove off did I realize that I was thinking of the wrong place and had missed a chance to ride in what I still believe […]

What I've Learned from Six Months of Coaching

Six months ago I began accepting coaching clients beyond my one initial client. I had this plan that after six months I’d collect a bunch of testimonials, write about coaching, and sign up a new batch of people. But the truth is that my schedule is pretty full, so I’m not really trying to sign […]

Sleep and Crossword Puzzles

I wouldn’t say that my younger cousin and I are competitive, but let’s just say that when she got good at crossword puzzles, I felt that I had little choice but to also get good at crossword puzzles. So for the past few months I’ve averaged probably 2-4 crossword puzzles per day. Crossword puzzles, to […]

How to Relate to Others

I have to admit that I never thought that I’d write a blog post on how to relate to others. For most of my life I realized that I wasn’t particularly empathetic but didn’t prioritize changing that. Then I met a very empathetic friend (she wrote The Charisma Myth) and she just point blank told […]

Small Footprint Identity

Once in a while I do something that threatens my status as a minimalist. It was pretty clear cut when I traveled the world with nothing but a backpack and had nothing back home, but now it’s not so clear. I wear the same shirt every day, but I have real estate in a few […]

Okay with Process, Okay with Outcome

My recent car purchase has been something of a disaster. That’s why I haven’t written about it yet (or, rather, posted the rather excited blog post I’ve already written). The car is currently back with the seller, who owns a shop that repairs these sorts of cars, and he’s trying to figure out why it […]

What's Going to be Different Tomorrow?

Yesterday, in a fit of inspiration, moved the furniture out of my bedroom and tore up half of the carpets. A few months ago I did the floors for the rest of my house, but I ran out of time and my bedroom threshhold was a natural stopping point. And then… there was no natural […]

Long Life Trajectories

I went to a Roger Waters concert earlier tonight. I got a free ticket and I make it a habit to see anything or anyone who’s supposed to be one of the best, even though I don’t like rock music. One of my first memories of music is listening to Another Brick in the Wall […]