Simulating Others

One of the most common errors I see amongst well-meaning people are errors of awareness. They’re people with the ability to influence and they only want to help, but they lack a fundamental awareness of how others will react. This is particularly unfortunate because their efforts go misguided and can harm rather than help. The […]

Dating Advice for Women

I don’t usually give dating advice to women, but recently two of my female friends have been asking me a lot about dating, so I figured I’d consolidate some of the stuff we’ve been talking about here. Some of this stuff will apply to men, too, but for once I wanted to focus on the […]

Aloha 2018

Well, that’s another amazing year in the books! 2017 was an exceptionally great year for me, so much so that I thought that 2018 wouldn’t be able to stack up. But this year was even better than 2017 by a decent margin. As is now tradition, I’ll talk about some of the highlights of the […]

What I Learned Starting Two Little Startups

For about three years I worked really hard on a startup called Sett. It’s a blogging platform that did a lot of things very different, and, in fact, is still the blogging platform that my blog runs on because I’m totally unwilling to give up the features that I’ve gotten used to. At the same […]

Standard Diagnostics

It’s always tempting to look for complicated or clever solutions to our problems. We love hacks and secret unknown solutions, rather than straightforward answers to our problems. There’s a time and place to get creative, but usually it’s best to exhaust the basics first. Whenever I’m not feeling my best, whether it’s a lack of […]

Not Caring What Others Think

I was telling a friend recently about how I was considering becoming a rapper. The gist of the idea is that I believe that I could make an excellent rap album if I dediated an entire year to it. To me the logic was inescapable: I have a lot of time, some base rap skills, […]

The 2019 Gear Post

People didn’t like my iterative way of doing the gear post last year, so I’m listening and going back to the old format of writing about every single item, even if it’s been on the list forever. There are a considerable number of new items this year, so there is a lot to write about. […]

How and Why I Wrote a Year of Blog Posts in Ten Days

I have written this blog since 2005, and haven’t missed posting at least weekly since 2012 or so. Writing this blog has had a massively positive impact on my life, both directly and indirectly, and I can’t imagine what would stop me from continuing to write it indefinitely. I enjoy the actual writing of blog […]

Gratitude 2018

I’m always grateful for everything in my life, but when I think about what I’m most grateful for this year, family and friends are my immediate focus. I’m incredibly grateful for the people in my life now, the people who have played a role in my life, and for all of the high quality time […]

How to Love Living in Las Vegas

I absolutely love living in Las Vegas. Even if cost was not a factor, I would choose living there over any other city in the world (ok, I’d have to think hard about Tokyo). This generally surprises people who don’t live in Las Vegas (and even some who do), and would have surprised me at […]

How to Enjoy Crossword Puzzles

In my every day normal routine in Las Vegas there are two events to which I look forward each day. The first is dinner at Chipotle. I still eat there virtually every day when it’s an option, and still delight in it every time. The second is when I get the notification at the top […]

Superhuman 2 Event in March 2019

I’ve been hearing back recently from some of the attendees of the first event and have been blown away by the progress that they’ve been making. Talking to them has motivated me to schedule the next event and work with a new group of people. The event will be two days of working closely with […]

How to Become Interesting

This is a topic that seems arrogant to even write about, but two people have asked me to write a blog post about it, so I’m going to take a stab at it. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and one of my strengths is that I have had a fairly interesting life. This has […]

Ways to Provide Fun Experiences For Your Friends

One of my biggest pleasures in life is creating opportunities for my friends and family. There are a lot of things I do all the time, but when I think of who I am by definition, I think of myself as someone who tries to create things for his friends. This is what drives all […]

Brain Training

There is one fundamental tool I use all the time, because it’s so adaptable. I use it for myself and for a large number of my clients. I don’t know if there’s some official name for it, but I think of it as brain training. We will all naturally gravitate towards activities that we find […]