A Guide to Good Sleep

Sometimes I wonder if I’m annoying because I talk so much about good sleep, but even when I talk to readers about it, it seems like almost no one actually prioritizes and gets good sleep. This is amazing to me, as it’s actually a pretty pleasant and easy way to get a huge boost in […]

Extended Travel in Relationships

Maintaining a healthy relationship while traveling can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Like anything, there are pros and cons, and by mitigating the cons and focusing on the pros, you can even make it a good thing. As someone who travels for the majority of the year, I have a lot of […]

How to Plan a Group Trip With Friends

I love planning trips for my friends. I think that it’s a great way to do a service to my friends, to spend time with them, and to foster new connections between them. I believe that if all of my friends are good friends with each other, that makes my friend circle very strong. The […]

Committment First Time Management

I’m usually not all that busy, at least in terms of items on my schedule. I have infinite things that I could do, but very few of them have to happen at specific times or on specific days. If I do have a commitment, though, I will be there exactly on time. An exceptional situation […]

Would I Be a Nomad if I Had Kids?

People ask me all the time if I’d still be a nomad if I had kids, or they say that it’s impossible or difficult to be a nomad if you have kids. I want to answer the question, but I think there’s something even more important to talk about in relation to this. The short […]

It or Nothing

Right now I’m writing every single day, averaging around 4000 words. I have a big batch of writing I want to do, and I’ve broken it up over 10 days. This sounds like a daunting task, but I find it dead simple to complete, primarily due to one tactic that I often use. I call […]