Travel to Croatia for an Unforgettable Honeymoon

Added by Vicky on February 26, 2019 Croatia is a European country located at the crossroads of Southeast Europe and Central Europe by the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is rich in beautiful destinations that create the perfect honeymoon setting. The country offers newlyweds breathtaking beaches, colorful infrastructures and beautiful sunsets. There are also a lot of […]

Tourist Guide to Los Angeles Road Trips

Added by Vicky on February 25, 2019 The Los Angeles area has so many things to offer tourism-wise. Beyond the bustling town, there are so many natural areas that shortly become refreshing and different than what we usually expect from LA. This particular area of Southern California is gorgeous year-round due to the perfect climate […]

Guarantee Endless Excitement as You Jet Off to Asia

Added by Vicky on February 25, 2019 Asia is one of the fastest growing continents in the world. Years ago, it was behind economically and socially, but it is now chasing developed continents such as Europe and North America. One of the reasons why Asia is catching up is due to the vast tourist attractions […]

Travel Mishaps on a Tiny Indonesian Island

Added by Vicky on February 25, 2019 Ever since we started traveling we have always purchased travel insurance. There is really no reason not to. There are plenty of options for cheap travel insurance and it makes sure you’re covered if something goes wrong and you have an accident abroad. For four and a half […]

Planning the Perfect Getaway to Rome

Added by Vicky on February 24, 2019 Rome is one of the dream destinations for people who want to go on a European tour. As the capital of Italy, the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church, the city is the perfect choice for travelers who want to experience some of Italy’s history and arts, […]

One Week in Iceland

Added by Vicky on February 24, 2019 When Dave and I planned our 2 year backpacking trip Iceland was never on the list. It didn’t seem to be close to mainland Europe or Asia and with plenty of countries to see on those two continents it was never even a consideration. Until of course I […]

5 Day Tasmania Road Trip

Added by Vicky on February 23, 2019 When my parents and I were planning our Australia trip we knew we wanted to spent half the time in Sydney, with friends and family and the other half exploring some new places. First we had our sights set on renting an apartment by the beach in Northern […]

5 Las Vegas Tourist Spots For Couples

Added by Vicky on February 21, 2019 Whether you’re planning a honeymoon or your ten-year anniversary trip, Vegas is the place for you. These luxurious and romantic spots will make your trip a memorable one for the both of you, and help keep the flame alive for years to come. 1. Helicopter Tours What’s […]

Cycling Cities in the US to Start Exploring

Added by Vicky on February 19, 2019 The invaluable benefits of cycling are recognized in modern societies. Cycling is believed to reduce the risk of cancer, lessen disease, improve well-being, and prevent you from becoming overweight. Aside from its health benefit, another observed advantage of cycling is its growing popularity as alternative transportation. With its […]

5 Best Bucks Party Locations for James Bond Party Ideas

Added by Vicky on January 28, 2019 In these days of superheroes, it’s good to know that guys can still find an idol or role model in someone who does not have out-of-this-world powers. James Bond still has magic and he can inspire some terrific ideas for a bucks party. If you are the best […]

6 Reasons to Host Your Bucks Party Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Added by Vicky on January 28, 2019 Your last party as a single man should be celebrated in style. Choosing the ideal venue is part of creating a memorable event, and Sydney Harbour is one such place. Several aspects contribute to making this the perfect place for such a party. Here are the top six […]

5 Tips to Make your Cross-State Move a Breeze Moving is considered one of the most stressful things to do in a lifetime, more so even than getting a divorce, according to a recent study. Yet, we all at some stage of our lives, have to or choose to relocate, whether for a new relationship, because you’ve got a new job or for […]