How to Prepare For a Trip Abroad

Added by Vicky on December 10, 2017 You’ve just booked your perfect vacation. You’re ready for a new and exciting country. You’ve pictured beautiful locations and yummy food. What happens when things go wrong. A lost passport, lost medicine, credit card not working, or even a natural disaster? Planning a trip abroad is more than […]

7 Best Free Walking Tours in Europe

Added by Vicky on December 8, 2017 Have the most unique and uncommon travel experience So you think a Free Walking Tour is always about history and the old town of a city? Wrong! Thanks to the increasing demand in this kind of visits, also known as ‘pay-what-you-like’ tours, there is now a huge offer […]

Pros and Cons: How to Pay When Traveling Abroad?

Added by Vicky on November 29, 2017 When leaving home for a long(ish) time, the list of “must-pack” items is pretty long, covering everything from personal hygiene products to prescription meds. But there is one thing that’s too obvious to forget: currency. Money is important for everyday life and even more so when you travel […]

Thinking About A San Diego Family Getaway?

Added by Vicky on November 28, 2017 Thinking About A San Diego Family Getaway? Avoid the Potential Family Frown with These Four Easy to Follow Tips for a Great Trip. Taking a vacation is be a great way to bond as a family, as well as enjoying some laid back time together. The best way […]

How To Keep Children Healthy When Traveling Long Distances

Added by Vicky on November 27, 2017 Traveling can be enjoyable as a family, but it can also be very difficult on young children. As a parent, you know how important exercise is to your children, as well as their health. Young children are typically very active, so traveling by car, train or airplane does […]

Travel Books: Their Pros and Cons

Added by Vicky on November 26, 2017 Are you planning to travel to a distant location in or outside your country and you just don’t understand much about it? If you do, then it is necessary to get accurate facts about that destination. One of the best tools that  recommends for this task is […]

How to Keep Yourself Safe When Traveling Abroad

Added by Vicky on November 25, 2017 Even though security threats are everywhere during your travels, it becomes more complicated when you are traveling abroad. If you want to keep yourself safe in a foreign land, you have to take safety precautions to avoid injury. The remaining portions of this post will discuss actionable tips […]

3 Keys to Great Hotel Service

Added by Vicky on November 12, 2017 There is much more that goes into to providing great hospitality service than simply providing a bed a mini-fridge. However, there are some keys to success in the industry that are often overlooked. Sometimes this happens because an individual is new to the hotel industry and are not […]

Philippines One Month Travel Itinerary

Added by Vicky on November 9, 2017 After a cool month spent in Taiwan we were ready for warmer weather and beach days as we made our way down to the Philippines. We had been to this corner of the world years ago but had somehow missed the two main South East Asian island nations […]

Travel Mishaps on a Tiny Indonesian Island

Added by Vicky on November 8, 2017 Ever since we started traveling we have always purchased travel insurance. There is really no reason not to. There are plenty of options for cheap travel insurance and it makes sure you’re covered if something goes wrong. For four and a half years, nothing went wrong. Until Nusa […]

5 Reasons to Opt for a Hotel Package

Added by Vicky on November 8, 2017 Are you in the process of booking a trip? Are you searching for a way to save both time and money? Have you come to the conclusion that some strategies will help you reach your goals in no time at all? There are many things you can do […]

Jobs for people who love to travel

Added by Vicky on November 7, 2017 Most people would say that you have a choice between traveling the world or pursuing a career since extensive traveling can be a major time commitment. However, there are a few jobs that are made for travel lovers. Check out these job paths that can allow you to […]

African Safari and Timeshare

Added by Vicky on October 26, 2017   We wanted to do something big for Dave’s 30th birthday. One option was to spend his birthday on the beach in Mexico, but that didn’t seem nearly as exciting as the alternative – a week long African safari! So can you guess which one we chose? We […]

6 Underrated NYC Destinations

Added by Vicky on October 25, 2017 When you are planning a trip to New York City, your friends and family will likely suggest a dozen of the same attractions: see Times Square and the Empire State Building, visit the Statue of Liberty and the Museum of Modern Art. These are all incredible places, and […]

What to See and Do During Your West Hollywood Vacation

Added by Vicky on October 25, 2017 Home to famed streets such as Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, California has a vibrant nightlife, a multitude of attractions, and famed beaches. You won’t have trouble finding things to do in West Hollywood, but the sheer variety of things to do and see might […]