Vacationing in Ouray, Colorado

Nestled high in the rugged San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains, the tiny Colorado town of Ouray is an excellent place to get away from it all. Ouray sits at an elevation of 8,000 feet and is the endpoint of the spectacular Million Dollar Highway. Founded during the gold and silver boom of the […]

Riding a scooter safely through Italy

Added by Vicky on May 12, 2018 Italy is one of the most charming destinations in the world. Good food, friendly people, and amazing places to visit all make the ‘Boot’ one of the most popular travel locations in the world and Europe, in particular. But there are some things that you have to consider […]

Spending The Least Amount Possible On Life’s Necessities

Added by Vicky on May 9, 2018 There are some things in life that you literally cannot get by without. A lot of people confuse their wants with needs, but most of us understand at the end of the day that there really is a difference between the two. We have to learn how to […]

Amazing Safari Parks in South Africa

Added by Vicky on May 8, 2018 There are so many incredible safari parks to visit in South Africa. They all feature various experiences from the magnificent wildlife, vast ecosystems, and comfortable lodging. Whether you are looking to see the big five, go on a self-driving safari, or visit an ancient volcanic crater, you will […]

Top 8 Oldest Cities in the World

There are certain cities in the world that have been around for very many centuries and they have more than just the scars of history to show.  They are a cradle of great influence, both positive and negative, as far as human civilization is concerned. In the oldest cities of the world, you will find […]

How to Enjoy a Brisbane Vacation with Your Loved Ones

Australia has always been one of the top options to travel around the world. This huge country offers plenty of stunning attractions, exhilarating activities, and breathtaking natural beauty to people from across the globe. You can never go wrong exploring it, so plan your trip here ahead of time and have the best time of […]

One week in Gran Canaria

Added by Vicky on April 14, 2018 I booked our tickets to Gran Canaria on a whim – mostly because I was able to find cheap flights from Boston, and I wanted a warmer place to go before our two month stay in Barcelona. I didn’t know a thing about the Gran Canary islands – […]

What to Take on a Safari Expedition

Added by Vicky on April 10, 2018 If your next adventure involves a safari expedition, you ought to take the time to do a checklist and make sure that you have everything covered as best as possible. Besides, not everyone goes to Africa every day, right? To save you some time, we have put together […]

Top Ten Travel Gadgets

Added by Vicky on March 28, 2018 Whether you’re a keen traveler yourself or looking for the perfect prezzie for a globe-trotting friend, we love these ten gadgets that let anyone travel like a pro! Universal all-in-one plug adapter Available in various models from a range of manufacturers, universal plug adapters have come a long […]

What to Look for in Luxury Villa Rentals Maui| While Traveling

Added by Vicky on March 23, 2018 Those who are looking for a luxury villa when traveling to Maui don’t have to look very hard to find one. With so many luxury villas nestled between the West Maui Mountains and the immense Pacific Ocean, you won’t have a hard time finding one that matches your […]

Travelling Safely Across The USA: What To Consider

Added by Vicky on March 23, 2018   Traveling across the USA makes for a rewarding experience. There are so many beautiful sights to enjoy and famous places to visit. It may be stressful to travel across a country that spans over 2,900 miles from east to west, but the journey can be really fun […]

The Best Cayman Islands Activities To Do When You’re On Holidays

Added by Vicky on March 22, 2018 A British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands is comprised of three beautiful islands, each with varied activities that will surely feed the wanderlust of travelers. Grand Cayman is popular for its beach resorts and various water sports sites. Cayman Brac is known for deep-sea […]