Beachfront or sea view? Choosing your villa holiday setting

Apart from the most basic factors such as the price and number of bedrooms, the most significant consideration in choosing a holiday villa has to be the setting. To those who delight in staying at a luxury villa in the tropics, the choices usually come down to two: either right along the beach or high above a cliff or a hill with spectacular views of the sea. These two do have differences, but both are certainly a worthy way of experiencing the scenic beauty of these beloved travel destinations.

Beachfront villas

To many vacationers, beachfront is the go-to choice. The idea of having the sun-warmed sands just a few steps away and being serenaded by the ocean waves washing up on shore is just irresistible.

For this reason, private villas with beach frontages are often prime market options. And as coastal areas become more developed, the privilege of a

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