Being a Culture Vulture in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, that neon-drenched Babylon out in the Nevada desert, is known for a lot of things. Whether it’s bright lights, big casinos, endless rows of slots, and undeniable glamour, everyone has an image of this iconic city. However, one thing that Vegas is less well-known for is culture and history, with traveller’s expecting a trip through Sin City to consist of not much more than gaming and gorging at one of the intimidatingly huge buffets which adorn the big casino lobbies. However, Las Vegas has more than enough to please even the most seasoned culture vulture, with a rich and colorful history, as well as an impressive collection of acclaimed art galleries and museums. Here’s your guide to the best cultural experiences to be had in ‘Glitter Gulch’.


Source: Pixabay

As mentioned, the historical legacy of Vegas is a surprisingly deep one, stretching back over a century,

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