Being Paralysed Made Me Realise What I Really Wanted In Life: To Travel

Phoebe Howlett intends to be the first chronic illness story to travel to every country in the world, documenting it on her website and social media channels. This is her story as to why.

I’m lying on the floor , the floor of Holborn tube station in London to be exact.

Commuters are looking worriedly down at me, asking ‘Where I’m going? or ‘Who they can contact?’.

I’ve fainted again, this usually happens in the morning at home, or getting up in the middle of the night. But on the tube, this was a first. I’m panicking, I can hear all these questions shooting at me and I don’t know an answer to any of them, my brain these days feels like it has a thick mist over the entirety of my thoughts. The fact I couldn’t remember the answer to where I was, is a sinking realisation that something is so very

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