Best places to see the Northern Lights

Best places to see the Northern Lights By on May 29, 2023 in Alaska, Arctic, Canada, Europe, Finland, Iceland, North America, Norway, Polar Regions, Regions, USA, Western Europe

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is a magical natural phenomenon in shades of green, blue and sometimes red, that only occurs in the northern hemisphere.

What causes the Northern Lights?

Many studies have been devoted to it, but simply put, what you see is the reaction of electricity-charged particles from the sun sent to earth by the solar wind, which collide with parts of the outer atmosphere, with oxygen and nitrogen. The amount of charged particles shot into space along with the speed of the solar wind determine how likely it is to see this natural phenomenon and in what strength.

Collisions with oxygen at more than about 300 kilometers

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