Blog Report (My First 100 Days in Blogging)

Hello to our lovely viewers!

From our family, friends, friends of friends, virtual friends, all types of friends- David and I just want to say hi to you all, and we want to say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING US, AND WE LOVE YOU ALL, TOO!”.

Since I started this blog last January 14th, I’ve been learning a lot in blogging. Of course, by means of searching the internet, thanks to Google. Plus, people from different blogging groups that I am meeting, virtually.

Experienced a lot of things, especially being blocked by someone I don’t know on Twitter and Facebook (shout out to this person *wink); messaged by different people just to say that for some reasons, they couldn’t follow my accounts. I respect that, because I believe that you cannot please anyone to like you, right?

And that’s better instead of blocking you on different social media accounts by someone you don’t know. LOL! Like what I always tell to myself, “Gerome, move on.”, then raise your right eyebrow and chin up.

Okay, this post is about my success in this blog. Yeah! I believe I succeeded something. I’m positive!

Yesterday, April 23rd, marked my 100th-day

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