Bone-chilling legends of the Paris Catacombs

Buried beneath the streets of Paris you’ll discover the Paris Catacombs, preserving the bones of over 6 million people. Created due to a shortage of burial space, the Paris Catacombs are one of Paris’ eeriest and most mysterious sites. A plethora of legends and folklore surrounding this ossuary, lure more and more travelers each year to experience the darker side of the City of Light.

The uncovered video camera

One of the most spine tingling stories of the Paris Catacombs is the Uncovered Video Camera. In the early 1990’s, a group of cataphiles (experts that specialize in the study and exploration of the Paris Catacombs) were traversing through the dark chambers of the ossuary. They happened upon an abandoned video camera lying on the ground. Much to their surprise, the camera had video footage stored. As the group of experts replayed the footage, they heard disturbing noises.

It became

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