Brand New Luxury Hotels on Corfu

There is nothing quite as exquisite as being on an island relaxing and enjoying the cool and calm atmosphere of the beach. You can get to experience such comfort in the confines of the island of Corfu. Corfu island is the most popular and must-visit island in Greece. Its beauty is breathtaking. The most charming things about Corfu are its Venetian architecture, the lovely beaches across the island and its relaxing breeze and feel.

However, you will never get to experience such a lovely island without an appropriate hotel to accommodate you while on holiday.

Here are two brand new hotels launching in 2018, that you will be interested in once you travel down to Corfu.

Ikos Resorts

It is rare to get a hotel that entirely caters to all your needs while on vacation. More often than not, the services you receive from the majority of

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