A Bachelorette Weekend in Colorado

Added by Vicky on June 23, 2017 The most popular bachelorette party destination in the US has to be Las Vegas. But it’s far from the best one! Depending on your group of friends a long weekend in Colorado might actually make for a more interesting destination, and this is exactly where one of my […]

Smartest Life Hacks to Follow While Travelling

Added by Vicky on June 20, 2017 Traveling can be a lot of fun because you get to explore so many new places every time. Whether you are traveling solo or traveling with your family or friends, it is important to have some tricks up your sleeve so that your trip is one to remember […]

10 Antarctica Can’t-Miss Destinations

Added by Vicky on June 17, 2017 Antarctica is a vast place, coming in at almost twice the size of Australia. Throw in all of the islands that dot the sub-Antarctic waters along the way and you have a lot of land to explore. So if you’re a first-time visitor where exactly should you head […]

How to get an Indian e-visa

Added by Vicky on June 16, 2017 As you may well know, traveling to a foreign country may sometimes require proper documentation. A passport is not enough in some cases, which is why you need to apply for a visa. India is one of the countries that require such documentation upon entry. However, a trip […]

5 Reasons to Windsurf this Summer

Added by Vicky on June 15, 2017 Wind surfing is one of those sports that can really get you hooked on sand, sea, sunshine and speed, an intoxicating combination for any sport! Even after only a few lessons you will enjoy sailing your wind surfer, gliding over the waves. It’s a great way to get […]

Planning to Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi in Mumbai

Added by Vicky on June 14, 2017    Do you ever wonder what the Ganpati Bappa Moriya chant is? Or, heard that forever popular Mohammad Rafi crooning, Govinda aala re? If yes, you must be aware of Ganpati Chaturthi, worshipping Lord Ganesha, which is a known phenomenon in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka but […]

Great Reasons to Travel Alone

Added by Vicky on June 5, 2017 Traveling alone can be scary and often lonely, but there are many reasons why we all should give it a go at least once. Have you got what it takes to set off on a trip of a lifetime without a friend or loved one to share your […]

8 Romantic Luxury Destinations

Added by Vicky on May 29, 2017 The world is full of beautiful vacation spots, but as a couple who wants to spend time with each other or enjoy their honeymoon, it’s a bit hard to take luxury vacations without avoiding the hordes of tourists flocking every travel destination you can think of. But it […]

4 Safety Tips for Adventure Vacations

Added by Vicky on May 19, 2017 The key to making life more enjoyable for many people is  by going on an adventure vacation. This means having a number of exciting things to do that can help you have fun. Of course, the type of time away that you seek will largely depend on what […]

Experience The Food And Drink Culture Of The Dordogne

Added by Vicky on May 18, 2017 French cuisine has been globally revered for centuries. The country has such an eclectic range of foods and regional cuisines that it is a cornerstone destination for food tourists, a factory for world famous chefs and a gourmet restaurant utopia. What’s more, France has always been the world’s […]

Do Travelers Live Longer than Most?

Added by Vicky on May 2, 2017 Is it a fact or is it fable? Do travelers live longer than most or could it be that they simply live better than most? Whether they travel around in camper rentals or fly on planes or travel by boat, are travelers luckier than the rest of us […]

Road Tripping Around Taiwan – 2 Week Itinerary + Reflections

Added by Vicky on April 25, 2017 We had initially planned to visit Taiwan on our first big backpacking trip in 2012 but we just didn’t quite make it there. We had spent 2 months in it’s rougher around the edges neighbor, China, but didn’t set foot in Taiwan until 4 years later. I’ll save […]

Hiking in the UK

Added by Vicky on April 24, 2017 Hiking is a lot of fun, but the enjoy ability of your next hike will rest largely on the location you select. If you are in the UK, and you want to hike, there are a few locations that you simply can’t afford to miss. They offer you […]

Reflections on Housesitting for 2 months in Costa Rica

Added by Vicky on April 17, 2017 Randomly Dave’s sister sent us an email about a housesitting gig in Costa Rica. We had never done one before so on a whim we decided to apply. Why not, right? Instantly we were put on the short list and after a Skype interview we were on our […]