What is a Visa Run?

This article is part of a series which attempts to answer basic questions people may have about travel. If you have a question you’d like to see answered, please send me an email with your question. A visa run is a short trip over an international border designed to reset the visa in the originating […]

19 Interesting Facts About World Heritage Sites

I have been visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites since I began traveling full time in 2007. Since then I have visited over 375 sites around the world and have photographed all of them. There are no typical world heritage sites. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a few square meters to sites larger […]

12 Years of Travel Blogging: A Look Back and A Look Ahead

October 14 marks the 12th anniversary of my very first blog post on this website. I mark this date as the start of my travel blog. My first post came almost a year and a half after registering the domain name for the website and 5 months before I actually turned over the keys to […]

This Week in Travel – Episode 241

This week Jen Leo and Chris Christensen are joined by their guest Teddy Wilson from Discovery Canada and Smithsonian’s Mighty Trains. They talk about train travel. I was off in Chicago and missed this week’s show. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Sites Mentioned on the Show Mighty Trains Rocky Mountaineer California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento […]

13 Facts About Peru You Should Know Before You Go

Think about Peru and your mind will no doubt conjure up images of Machu Picchu and llamas. But, there is a whole lot more to this South American gem than those hilltop ruins and weird looking creatures. It might sound cliché but Peru really does have everything. It has misty mountains, dusted with snow; surf […]

4 Misconceptions People Have About Travel Photography

I’ve had many discussions about photography with average people who might own nothing but a smartphone camera. Time and time again I’ve seen the same misunderstandings pop up. Many of them I totally understand as I believed the same things when I started out as a photographer. However, I think it is important to dispel […]

How to cross the border overland between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Traveling to Papua New Guinea is like exploring the last frontier. It might sound cliche; it’s not. Papua New Guinea is one of the less-visited countries in the world. The road system is limited, the tourist infrastructure still developing, and the safety a primary concern. However, the country is home to rich forests and jungles, […]

Amateur Traveler Interview – The Liberation Route

I recently did my 14th interview on The Amateur Traveler Podcast with Chris Christensen. I did my first interview on the show way back in 2008 from an Internet cafe in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This time I talk about my recent trip this summer along The Liberation Route. The Liberation route is a collection of sites […]

Episode 240 – Oneika The Traveller

This week Jen Leo, Chris Christensen and I are joined by guest Oneika Raymond from OneikaTheTraveller.com, travel blogger, Travel Channel web host and recent Lowell Thomas award winner. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts This Week’s News: The woman who accidentally ticked: ‘I am a terrorist’ United Airlines Will Give You a Free Trip to Tahiti If […]

16 Adventure Activities in Peru for Thrill-Seekers

Peru is a striking South American country with an incredible variation in landscape. From cities to desert, beaches to rainforest, mountains to lakes, Peru is a hotbed for travelers who have a need for speed! This guide details the adventure activities in Peru in the sky, on the sea, and on the ground. Adventure Activities […]

Travel To Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Overview The Glacier Bay National Park is a US National Park near Juneau, Alaska. With about 547,000 visitors per year (as of 2017), it is the second most visited national park in Alaska, slightly behind Denali. The vast majority of visitors to the park visit by cruise ships which sail up the Inside Passage of […]

Highlights of Cuba

Cuba is unlike any place you have ever visited. Its recent history, socio-political development, and proximity to the U.S. make it unique in the world. Cuba is also beautiful with stunning beaches, lush, tropical foliage and dramatic architecture. But Cuba’s most winning feature, what really sets it apart, is its culture reflected in the people, […]