Around the world in 7 dates…with Badoo

As an intrepid traveller and a hopeless romantic I am a firm believer that Mr or Mrs Right won’t always live in the the same town or even on the same continent as I do and have always been open to the possibility of meeting someone on the road! Sadly I have not met Mr […]

Five fabulous eateries you need to visit in Montreal

Montreal – the largest French-speaking city in North America is a cultural junction — and its dizzying array of food choices from, from poutine to fine international cuisine, reflects that, in fact they boast the most amount of restaurants per capita in Canada! From spending a week here scouting out all the best places to eat, […]

Ten of the best hot tub hideaways in the UK

In this busy world, we must take time out to recharge our batteries and that doesn’t mean boarding a long-haul flight to a distant sandy beach or signing up to a silent, meditative treat. Sometimes, all we need is right on our doorstep and a weekend in the countryside especially with a hot tub to […]

Vancouver Canada – the world’s most perfect major city?

We’ve all heard the reports of Vancouver winning numerous awards as “the world’s most livable city” – but what exactly is it that makes this place so livable, so likeable, so lovable, so…perfect? I guess I should start out by saying that I don’t actually believe in perfection – something somehow can always be improved […]

Four cities in four days – a whirlwind tour of Spain by train

Aside from the good food, balmy climate and layers of centuries-old history, Spain is also home to a vastly underrated – and underused – railway system. The network reaches nearly all corners of the country, making it possible to explore Spain solely by public transportation and much of that at high speed. In the last […]

9 reasons why I fell in love with Oaxaca City, Mexico and why you will too

A laid-back, blossoming cultural and culinary capital filled with elegant colonial buildings, tree-lined streets, vibrant markets, top museums and artists and artisans galore, Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most captivating and creative cities. Our guest blogger  Ash-lea Gazzola from Break Loose Journal has called Oaxaca her home for over a year now and has fallen head over […]

10 very cool reasons to add Montreal to your travel list

An extraordinary city overflowing with creative energy, positivity and an outlook on life no other place on earth, after spending a week in the largest city in Canada’s Québec province, here are my 10 very cool reasons you should travel to Montreal now… The dizzying array of festivals and cultural events Name a season, an […]

The coolest hipster meccas to visit in Eastern Europe

With a post-communist and increasingly cosmopolitan vibe and plenty of artistic creavity juxtaposed with historic sites and pockets of conservative attitudes, what was formally known as Eastern Europe has some extraordinary places to visit. Fancy yourself as a bit of hipster? If so, our guest blogger Jules Bukovsky, a traveller and expat with a taste for […]

A weekend exploring Edinburgh and beyond – history, culture and quirky cafes

Spectacularly perched on a series of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags, Scotland’s famous capital city is justifiably proud and noble city. Instantly visually striking, friendly, lively – there’s a thriving tight-knit local scene of music, art and theatre – and sublimely elegant in equal measures, there’s not a city in the world quite like it. […]