Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Boston

This formidable force of a city is actually one of America’s oldest having being founded in 1634. The coastal-based Massachusetts capital has a proud past built on colonial roots and such fiercely defiant residents such as the Boston Tea Party (who wilfully and successfully protested against British rule). Today the city is a heady mix […]

7 ways to have a travel snob-worthy break in Majorca

With nearly 10 million visitors per year, Majorca is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Europe. Most visitors come from Germany, the UK, Spain and the Nordic countries, and they have plenty of good reasons to visit the Spanish Island, again and again – miles and miles of idyllic beaches surrounded by turquoise […]

Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Seattle

A misty city which made a huge global impact in the early 1990’s when the Seattle grunge rock music scene exploded worldwide and gave us legendary rock bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Since then things have never been quite the same for the Pacific Northwest USA city which is surrounded by water, mountains ranges and […]

Using your senses to create better travel memories (

Yep, the experts are unanimous, taking holidays (and travelling) does you the world of good, and you should definitely do more of it. If you really want to get down with the science bit, travel has been proven to lower stress levels, improve brain health, decrease your risk of heart disease and even lengthen your […]

Top 12 cool and unusual hotels in Chicago

Once called “the pulse of America” the city that was founded in the early 1800s and resides on the mighty Lake Michigan in Illinois, is in many ways one of the USA’s greatest. Due to the sometimes blustery nature of the residents (and politicians!), the fact the city is quite a formidable force and also the […]

5 USA gems to visit in the summer

It’s heating up and we’ll soon be experiencing this year’s summer. So why stay at home? If you’ve got the methods, it would make sense to try out somewhere a little bit different for your holiday. Truth be told, if you’ve got to pick anywhere, the United States is probably the way to go. You’ve […]

Top 12 cool and unusual hotels in Palm Springs

A true oasis in the midst of a long hot sprawling desert, Palm Springs has had a long history of attracting the Hollywood elite from major film directors to starlets looking for fun, relaxation respite from all the Los Angeles city hassles. The principal city of the famous Coachella Valley in California, the opulent resort […]

6 beautiful reasons to add Brazil to your travel list

FIFA World Cup, the largest football event competition, started in Brazil. But besides the major sporting activities, the country is also a top tourist destination known for zest for life and astonishing natural beauty. You don’t need to wait for another world cup competition for you to travel to this largest city in South America. […]

8 tech essentials you cannot travel without in 2018

There are many things you’ll need to pack into your suitcase or backpack before you head off on your travels. As well as the clothes, travel documents and other essentials, there’s also the technology and gadgets you need to take to make the trip more enjoyable, easier and safer. There’s always new gadgets and technology […]

7 beautifully convincing reasons why Belize should be your next destination

Perched on the eastern coast of Central America, with beautiful Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense lush jungle to the west, Belize’s is slowly rising through the ranks to become a must-see destination for independent travellers to this corner of the globe. Sparsely populated but friendly and welcoming with numerous hotels, restaurants and a […]

On the trail of orcas, whales and bears on Vancouver Island, Canada

Question – How many humans in history have been killed by a wild orca, the huge and ferocious creatures feared for their razor sharp teeth? Answer – None. Zero. Not a single one. A couple of injuries, yes – but no documented deaths. Hardly worthy of the name “killer” whale then, you may think. In […]

Exploring the Middle East – what to wear in Kuwait

An oil-rich land made mostly of hot desert sands, Kuwait has eschewed the ultra-glamorous look that other Middle Eastern countries have opted for and here you can find a much more authentically Arab culture instead. It’s still just as beautiful and intriguing though and also has a fine collection of museums, souqs, beaches and bustling restaurants. As […]

Discovering idyllic Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Located right on the waterfront of Lake Como, in the Italian region known as Lombardy, idyllic Bellagio is a maze of red-roofed and green-shuttered buildings, steep stone staircases, lush cypress groves and rhododendron-scented gardens all flanked by a waterfront collection of bobbing boats. It’s a place that’s impossible not to fall in love with. Our guest […]