A dog friendly motorhome weekend away in the South Downs (with Camptoo)

Motorhome and camper vans breaks are on the increase. With all the Brexit woes and the pound sliding against foreign currencies, unsurprisingly the UK became our number one travel destination in 2018. There’s always been something very idealistic and romantic about the freedom and spontaneity of hitting the open road without a care in the […]

Destination Morocco – from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains

A few weeks ago Gary Nunn from our team went to explore Morocco, a country that serves as a gateway to Africa which is steeped in ancient cultures and exotic mystic. With its striking architecture, a strong identity and unique way of life, it’s a place that has long held a fascination with many a […]

Infographic – the best value city breaks and stopovers

Apparently, the UK has some changing holiday habits. Instead of using up all your holiday in one go and then not having anything else to look forward to the rest of the year we’re now choosing to opt for smaller and but more frequent trips. Many travellers/holidaymakers are eschewing the traditional fortnight getaway for ten, […]

Travel tips – how to pack your life into a carry on

Any traveller with decent mileage under their belt will advise you to avoid checked in bags whenever possible. They are bulky, they usually cost additional fees to board the plane, and there is also the possibility to lose these bags due to unforeseen circumstances at some of the airports during your travel. The perks of […]

Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Dallas

Bold, brash, status-conscious but contrary to popular belief no oil of its own to speak of, ‘The Big D’ as it’s sometimes known, is a shiny and modern metropolis in North Texas, and the commercial and cultural hub of the region too. Known for its popular cliches of wealthy, consumer-driven Texan cowboys, being the site […]

My dog-friendly French road trip – exploring Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (with FREEDOME)

The next destination on my Dog-friendly France road trip was the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – a travel destination seemingly reserved for serious Francophiles. It’s an extraordinary and prosperous region untouched by the ravages of modern tourism, offering dramatic elevated landscapes of high hills and plateaus, enchanting medieval hilltop towns, deep valleys, endless vineyards, protected national parks where lynx, […]

Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in San Diego

One of the most open, smog-free and sunniest cities in the whole of the USA, San Diego – located on California’s Pacific coast – beguiles and charms many of its hundreds of thousand visitors. Feeling more like a collection of ultra-hip neighbourhoods each with its own character and personality, the affluent ocean-orientated city is famously laid-back […]

7 reasons to explore cultural Cochin, Southwest India

Perched on the tip of India’s southern coast, the city of Cochin has watched the rise and fall of empires passing along the spice route for centuries. From the Arabic and Portuguese traders travelling in the 15th century, the Dutch invasion of the 1650’s and her union to the British in the years of the […]

Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Nashville

The ultimate pilgrimage for country music lovers everywhere, Nashville attracts millions of toe-tapping, cowboy-booted party-loving visitors every year. A Southern city with a big heart and huge amounts of soul, the musical Mecca is easily one of the most fun – and hip – places to visit in the whole of America. Set by a […]

How to spend 48 hours in Athens for travel snobs

Athens, Greece’s ancient and storied capital city, stands as each a ruin, relic, and reminder of what great travel is to astute explorers. The cradle of Western Civilization, Athens is one of those rare behemoths of bucket list destinations that contains it all – art, history, beautiful weather, food, and generous people. Yet, Athens is […]

Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Melbourne

The coastal capital of the Australian state of Victoria is Australia’s second-largest city, and Sydney’s fiercest rival. The bohemian, more liberal alter-ego of the business-driven capital has an increasingly progressive outlook, a huge range of vibrant character-filled cultures and a friendly, laid-back vibe that has seen it being labelled as one of the ‘world’s most […]

Beautiful reasons why you visit Northumberland this summer

With the weather getting warmer and summer fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your summer holiday. That brings with it a whole host of decisions to be made, none more so important than the destination. But why complicate things? Rather than spend hours giving yourself a headache about where to go, make it simple. […]

5 of my favourite neighbourhoods in Montreal

This time last year I spent an extraordinary seven days in Québec province’s largest city for the 150th anniversary of Canada. I was charmed and captivated by the Montreal’s joie de vivre and unrestrained love for the arts, festivals, all things creative as well as their unique outlook on life. Destination Canada asked me to reflect on my […]

Beautiful dog-friendly UK destinations to travel to this summer

Travelling with your dog has never been easier. With more travel companies, hotels, cottages and B&Bs accepting dogs, you no longer need to leave your pet pooch at home when you go on your travels. If you’re thinking about a summer holiday with your dog in the coming months, why not stay right in the […]