Louisville 2018: Part 2

We spent quite a lot of time hanging out in Louisville, Kentucky, this year. Mostly just chillin’ and whatever as we really dig the city and all it has to offer. Below are some shots from what we did – mostly eat and drink because nobody wants to see us sitting around! – and you […]

Illinois 2018: Part 3

More and more and more Illinois for ya! We just can’t help hanging out there with my cool parents, my cool sister and bro-in-law, and our cool niece. We spend a lot of time there, lounging about, during the summer. So, you get a lot of posts from me. *shrug* Here’s another round of what […]

Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome to Indy! We actually were only here for one night on two different occasions this year. Just passing through and sleeping. And, well, drinking and eating. As we do. So, this post about Indy isn’t very long and doesn’t cover very much. Alas! This is our blog and it’s about what we do. So, […]

Illinois 2018: Part 2

Hey all! Time for more memories from our visit to see family and friends in Illinois this year. You can check out part one right here. First and foremost, new shoes! Wooooooo! 🙂 Better weather finally arrived, so I had to up my game. Ang and I also had to get our nails done to […]

Farm Party in Yorkville, Illinois

When we were in Illinois this year, our good buddies Joel and Julie invited us to a party at Sol Gardens, which their friends own. Joel also houses all of his lovely little bees here. Bzzzzzz! We were fortunate to meet a lot of great people, enjoy pig roast and live music, and hang out […]