From Summit to Sea: My First Paraw Sailing Experience

By: Richard R. Cahilig After our seven-day exploration in the mountains of Aklan and Antique, we went to Boracay Island via a sailboat locally known as ‘paraw’ for free. It was my first paraw experience and definitely, a remarkable one. Paraw is a tradional Filipino sailboat commonly found in the Visayas. Before Boracay Island became […]

Exploring the Wilderness of Aklan: A Very Challenging Hike to Mt. Nausang, Aklan’s Untamed and Highest Mountain in Panipiason, Madalag

By: Richard R. Cahilig Tay Freddy, ma-éa-yo pa (is it still far)?, Ritchel asked Pastor Freddy, our local guide, while we were walking in the middle of the night in the mountains of Panipiason, Madalag, Aklan. “Ma-éa-pit éon lang, Ma’am, una éon sa unahan (we’re getting close, Ma’am, just few meters ahead),” Pastor Freddy replied. […]

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We’re Rich and Ritch, the Serendipity Seekers Richard and I (Ritchel) are Filipino solo-travelers who met each other by pure serendipity. Rich n’ Ritch Travels is a collection of our personal experiences, explorations, snapshots, and reflections on the road. This blog does not contain itineraries, budget breakdown, blog tips, income reports, and other practical information. […]