Four of My Favorite Teas, and How to Brew Them

Maybe this is true of most things, but the variance between great tea and terrible tea is absolutely enormous. If tea was what nearly everyone thinks tea is, I would never drink it. A great cup of tea, though, is one of life’s great pleasures. And despite being a luxury and an indulgence, it’s very […]

Treating Your Todo List As One Task

Last year I had a truly spectacular todo list. It ranged from building a cabin on the island (with no idea how to do so), getting the floors replaced on a rental property in Las Vegas, a huge number of Cruisesheet bugs and fixes, work on a book, a few dozen emails, and then tens […]


I had never been so happy to have a sore throat, especially such a bad one. My throat hurt so much that it actually woke me up. Surely this was a reasonable excuse to get out of the talk I was supposed to give in a couple days. I sent a text to the organizers […]

Knowing When You're Boring and Avoiding It

You know that feeling when you’re sitting across from someone and they’re prattling on about something in which you have no interest? They aren’t actually trying to bore you, they just don’t know any better. Which begs the question—are you ever that person? In reality I’m sure we all bore someone sometimes, but we can […]

How I Write A Book in 14 Days

I’ve now written seven books, at least three of which were category bestsellers on Amazon. They all get really good reviews and are legitimate enough that foreign publishers have bought the rights to two of them and that domestic publishers have tried to offer me a book deal. For many people writing a book is […]

My Credit Card Strategy

I recently spent the time going through my roster of credit cards to see which ones I should be using for various purchases. I believe I’ve come up with a pretty universal strategy, so I figured I’d share it since I’ve already done the research. To preface, if you are ever paying late fees or […]

How to Enjoy Ballet and Opera

I love opera and ballet, but I didn’t always. I remember very excitedly going to my first ballet in San Francisco and leaving with no idea what I just saw and having thought that maybe there was a better way I could have spent my time and money. Opera wasn’t much better. A lot of […]

Making Friends with Awesome People

I often get asked how I make friends with so many great people. This is sort of a funny question because I think most people actually don’t know just how great my friend group is, since they only know a few people who are well known. So in a way, it’s an ever better question […]

How I Spend Time on Cruises

When I recently asked for blog topics, someone asked for a granular breakdown of how I spend time on cruises. This is actually something I get asked about once in a while, so I figured I’d answer even though it’s fairly niche. Plus the general idea translates to land-based travel, too. The question is probably […]

How I Manage Money Part Two — Spending

In the last post I talked about how I save money and earn money. This week I will talk about how I spend my money. I think that I spend my money very strangely compared to normal people, but to me it makes a lot more sense. Most people think about investing long term, but […]

How I Manage Money Part One — Saving and Earning

I have a somewhat unusual method of thinking about and managing money, which has worked out very well for me. Because money, saving, and spending is such an emotional issue, I believe that there is not a universal correct method for everyone. For example, a strategy that increases someone’s earnings by 5% but also increases […]

Being Early on Trends

I am early on a lot of trends. Before they were popular, I was into RV living, being a digital nomad, online gambling, wool, pickup, cryptocurrency, home automation, minimalism, and a whole lot of other things. There are also several things I’m into now that I believe will be more popular in the future (like […]