Strong Defaults

I have a technique that I use to deal with a lot of situations that I call setting strong defaults. It started with dating as a means to eliminate the ridiculous and common “but where do YOU want to eat?” loop where each person keeps asking the other person where they want to eat, and […]

Help Shape Life Nomadic 2

I’m about halfway through a transatlantic cruise, which means I’m also halfway through writing a new book. This time I’m writing a follow-up to Life Nomadic, since so much has changed about traveling and being a nomad since I wrote my first book. Also, the tech section in that book is embarrassingly out of date, […]

Thinking About Quality

When you travel most of the time and do it with only a small backpack, eventually of your travel gear becomes very high quality. You buy something nice, love using it, and it retains its utility for a long time. If you buy something low quality, it breaks or frustrates you, and you end up […]

Living an Aligned Life

Most people don’t live a life that’s in alignment with what they want to do. That’s not a criticism of any of those people; for our entire history as a species we have had to spend most of our time doing things we don’t want to do in order to survive. All of us are […]

The Benefit of Automating Everything

Today I woke up to the alarm I set on my phone. My bedroom curtains opened automatically, triggered by the alarm. I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth. On my mirror, which has a 40″ LCD hidden behind it, I saw my agenda and noticed that one of my coaching clients had booked […]

What I Love and Hate About Vegas, Two Years In

When I first bought my place in Vegas, I did it only because it was an incredible deal. As a frequent visitor to Vegas I assumed that I’d stay there once in a while, and AirBnb it out to recoup my costs. Or if it turned out that I really came to dislike Vegas after […]

Put Yourself Out There

It’s easy to analyze when things go poorly, but that it doesn’t come as naturally when things are going well. When things are good it’s very easy to just brush it away by assuming that the success was somehow due to you. I know I’ve thought that many times, especially when I was younger. As […]


I’m not sure exactly what causes it. Maybe it’s the exponential rise in options that all of us have in nearly every aspect of life. Maybe it’s the simplification of entertainment and the desire for a fairy-tale ending. Or maybe it’s something else I can’t think of. We are way too focused on perfection. We […]

What to Do When Everything is Going Well

To simplify, we could say that there are three phases in which one’s life can be. Sometimes everything is going wrong, or at least everything is statically in a bad place, and the goal is to find one area to fix to create a foundation on which to build. Maybe most common is a scenario […]

Some March 2017 Life Updates

Sometimes it feels like I take my blog a little too seriously, probably because so many people read it and some of the topics I cover are serious. When it started I literally wrote strange rambles about every nap I took, and now I feel like every post has to have some practical use. As […]

How to be Reasonable When Talking About Politics

I try to avoid talking about politics for the most part, because virtually nobody is open to changing their minds about anything. In times like these, though, these conversations seem unavoidable. Of those conversations, I’ve found approximately two people who I feel are reasonable when they talk about politics. I agree mostly with one of […]