How I Manage Money Part Two — Spending

In the last post I talked about how I save money and earn money. This week I will talk about how I spend my money. I think that I spend my money very strangely compared to normal people, but to me it makes a lot more sense. Most people think about investing long term, but […]

How I Manage Money Part One — Saving and Earning

I have a somewhat unusual method of thinking about and managing money, which has worked out very well for me. Because money, saving, and spending is such an emotional issue, I believe that there is not a universal correct method for everyone. For example, a strategy that increases someone’s earnings by 5% but also increases […]

Being Early on Trends

I am early on a lot of trends. Before they were popular, I was into RV living, being a digital nomad, online gambling, wool, pickup, cryptocurrency, home automation, minimalism, and a whole lot of other things. There are also several things I’m into now that I believe will be more popular in the future (like […]

Superhuman 2 Event

As I mentioned before, Superhuman #1 went extremely well. Everyone left not only with actionable steps to reach their goals, but also with connections to some other really great people. I was a little bit exhausted by the end, but it was really a great experience to get to do deep work with some of […]

The Best Selling Car

It’s rare that I see advertisements. I have ad blocking on everything I own, if I go to a movie I try to go late to avoid previews and ads, and if I watch TV it is downloaded with the ads stripped or through Netflix. I still see some ads, of course, but not all […]

New Book Release: Forever Nomad

It’s here! Once again I’ve forgotten to whet everyone’s appetite by constantly mentioning my book until the release day, but I’ve always been more into getting books out than marketing them. Starting today, you can buy my latest book, Forever Nomad. The idea behind the book is that when I wrote Life Nomadic, my first […]

How Hard Do I Actually Work?

Once in a while people who meet me give me the feedback that they’re surprised that I’m actually a real person who doesn’t just work 24/7. A challenge of being a public writer is balancing giving useful information versus giving an accurate picture. I think a lot of the confusion comes from a post I […]

Kindness in Tea Culture

Take it easy, she said. A-Yi, a middle-aged Taiwanese woman, rushed us out the door. Go eat! Enjoy! Thirty seconds earlier we sat at her table and enjoyed the two different teas that she prepared for us. I tried to pay, but she wouldn’t have it. Take it easy. Odd behavior for a woman who […]

Superhuman Event #1 Post Mortem

For years I’ve thought about doing a live event for my readers. It’s always been on the backburner as I’ve thought about formats and group sizes, but my friend Leo Babauta challenged me to set a date and just do one, so I did. Last weekend ten people came into town for a 1.5 day […]

When People Think You're Crazy

The first thing I did where I was aware that people thought I was crazy was to buy a school bus with my friends. In retrospect it probably wasn’t the first time people thought I was crazy, just the first time it was so obvious that I couldn’t ignore it. I was somewhat oblivious back […]

Never Worrying

One of my friends likes to remind me that everyone is worrying all the time, because he senses that I almost never worry. He’s right, and when I do worry it tends to be a more active process where there’s something happening and I’m trying to figure out what to do about it. I’m not […]

Why That Amount?

In one of my (many) posts about optimizing, someone made a comment to the effect of, “What’s the point of optimizing everything? Eventually you’ll optimize your entire life away and have nothing left to do.” That reminded me of what people say when they hear that I’m being cryogenically frozen when I die. Very often […]