Okay with Process, Okay with Outcome

My recent car purchase has been something of a disaster. That’s why I haven’t written about it yet (or, rather, posted the rather excited blog post I’ve already written). The car is currently back with the seller, who owns a shop that repairs these sorts of cars, and he’s trying to figure out why it […]

What's Going to be Different Tomorrow?

Yesterday, in a fit of inspiration, moved the furniture out of my bedroom and tore up half of the carpets. A few months ago I did the floors for the rest of my house, but I ran out of time and my bedroom threshhold was a natural stopping point. And then… there was no natural […]

Long Life Trajectories

I went to a Roger Waters concert earlier tonight. I got a free ticket and I make it a habit to see anything or anyone who’s supposed to be one of the best, even though I don’t like rock music. One of my first memories of music is listening to Another Brick in the Wall […]

Plans Which Can't Fail

External events often have to be left to chance. You submit your book proposal, and maybe it gets accepted and maybe not. You go talk to the cute stranger, and maybe you’re compatible and maybe you’re not. You plan a camping trip a month ahead, and maybe it rains or maybe it doesn’t. Often, though, […]

Some Quick Thoughts on Growth

A few random thoughts on growth, prompted by some observations of myself, friends, and coaching clients. Boredom is good. It means that you’ve reached a new level. Staying bored is really bad, because it means that you aren’t moving on to the next thing. So enjoy it for a moment, and then make sure you […]

Analyzing Risk

On a recent podcast I was on, I was asked why I took so many risks. I stuttered for a second before answering the question because I was trying to think of an example of a big risk I took. I couldn’t think of any, so I had to answer the question in a different […]

Getting Huge Chunks of Work Done

This feels like a slightly ironic title, as today I spent sixteen hours showing my cousin and her boyfriend around one of my favorite cities in the world, Budapest. No work, except for writing this post before I go to sleep. On the other hand, the only reason I can take a full day off […]

Getting to Unlimited Runway

Due to CruiseSheet growing and my new coaching project, my income has gone up quite a bit compared to previous years. This has been a strange transition for me, as I’m used to being the guy who doesn’t really make much money, but does clever things to maximize it. Now I have a more normal […]

Strong Defaults

I have a technique that I use to deal with a lot of situations that I call setting strong defaults. It started with dating as a means to eliminate the ridiculous and common “but where do YOU want to eat?” loop where each person keeps asking the other person where they want to eat, and […]

Help Shape Life Nomadic 2

I’m about halfway through a transatlantic cruise, which means I’m also halfway through writing a new book. This time I’m writing a follow-up to Life Nomadic, since so much has changed about traveling and being a nomad since I wrote my first book. Also, the tech section in that book is embarrassingly out of date, […]

Thinking About Quality

When you travel most of the time and do it with only a small backpack, eventually of your travel gear becomes very high quality. You buy something nice, love using it, and it retains its utility for a long time. If you buy something low quality, it breaks or frustrates you, and you end up […]