January 2018: Travel Summary and Statistics

I’m now three months into this current stint of long-term travel and I’m delighted to announce it’s going better than I had even dared to imagine. January, in particular, was one of the best months I’ve ever had on the road! I’m enjoying the spontaneity full-time travel is bringing, and I’m grateful to have the […]

13 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip to the Azores

The Azores was one of my best travel discoveries of 2017. I can’t believe such an incredible group of islands can be so rarely talked about by travellers. The Azores has pretty much everything you could need from a destination, from affordable prices to spectacular scenery, delicious food options to deserted beaches, from dozens of […]

How to Road Trip New England on a Budget

Seeing the fall foliage in New England was something I had been dreaming of for years. One thing my daydreams hadn’t included? Spending my life savings on achieving this goal. Yes, as soon as I began putting together a plan to road trip New England in the fall, I discovered this could easily work out […]

December 2017: Travel Summary and Statistics

Mālō e lelei from Vava’u, Tonga! One thing I’ve learned from my time in this country so far? It’s is a destination in which to disconnect! With unusable and/or expensive Wi-Fi ($25 for 500 mb!) and rarely more than an 2G connection on my phone, posting on Never Ending Footsteps has had to take a […]

My Travel, Work, and Health Goals for 2018

If 2016 was all about baby steps, 2017 was about lowering my sky-high expectations. With my anxiety under control and my motivation soaring, I set myself an enormous number of ambitious goals last year. On their own, each of these goals were more than achievable. But when I threw all 20 of them into the […]

Shop for Distinctive Finds in Springfield, MO

If you prefer boutique stores and local eateries to shopping malls and chain restaurants, Springfield, Missouri, will be one of your favorite vacation destinations. During your visit, shop for distinctive finds at these Springfield shops. Glitter+Wit and Historic C-Street Nestled in historic downtown Springfield sits Glitter+Wit. This boutique shop is filled with clothing and accessories […]

4 Must-See Museums When in Arlington

Arlington is perhaps best known for its National Cemetery, where the public can visit the graves of U.S. soldiers dating back to the Civil War. The town has lots more to offer than just its famous cemetery, though. Arlington is home to monuments honoring 9/11, the U.S. Marine Corps, the Air Force, and Women in […]

How to Plan a Road Trip Like a Boss

Do you love traveling, but don’t want to deal with layovers, crowds, or jet lag? Then, a road trip may be the perfect solution. There may be nothing as exciting and empowering as a road trip. It’s you and the open road. If you want to plan an epic road trip, then don’t forget the […]

Hilo Coffee Mill

Enquiry Form Go To Full Enquiry Form Your E-mail Booking Date Your Message Send Enquiry Located just a few minutes drive from Hilo, and on the way to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Enjoy fresh roasted Hawaiian coffee, while learning about how this unique ‘bean’ is grown, harvested and crafted into a sensory experience culminating on […]

Harding House

  From $160 USD Per Night Including Breakfast Enquiry Form Go To Full Enquiry Form Your E-mail Date From Date To Your Message Send Enquiry Common Areas To Relax Guest Computer Breakfast Included Wifi Limited Parking Harding House offers charming comfort in a restored Victorian two family house located conveniently in Cambridge, MA. Central Sq […]

Shepherd Hut Holidays

Enquiry Form Go To Full Enquiry Form Your E-mail Date From Date To Your Message Send Enquiry Totally private shepherd huts set in the most beautiful locations. No neighbours, noise, light pollution, TV’s or nasty modern distractions. Just relax away from this stressful world and get back in touch with nature. RELAX, UNWIND AND ENJOY.These […]


Enquiry Form Go To Full Enquiry Form Your E-mail Booking Date Your Message Send Enquiry Desde el año 2000 nos embarcamos en la aventura de gozar descubriendo nuestro patrimonio con grandes y pequeños. Desde entonces… hemos disfrutado con cientos de miles de personas de todo Aragón, Navarra, Soria, La Rioja y Burgos, además de un […]


Enquiry Form Go To Full Enquiry Form Your E-mail Booking Date Your Message Send Enquiry We are a group of Slovenian tourist guides. Tourism is our way of living: adventures, travels, sightseeing, city trips, one or more days tours. Although many of our guides have numerous experiences from the trips across the World, we have […]

Eating Hacks While Traveling: Quiz

Do you feel unhealthy or like you gain weight while on vacation? Well, the bad news is, common behaviors around food that occur during a vacation can cause you to become heavier, become dehydrated, and feel worse overall. For example, most people don’t account for the 400 fewer calories they burn when sitting in a […]

Fen Farm Caravan Site

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