Finding Paradise in Vingerklip: Africa’s Monument Valley

It was an unintentional splurge. Every time I buy flights to a new country, you see, I aim to make my trip as inexpensive as possible. I start off looking at hostels to see which one would be a good fit for me, then — just to get an idea of what’s around, of course — […]

13 Really Stupid Things I’ve Done as a Travel Blogger

I’m excited about this post. You guys know I’m all about confessing up to my mistakes and sharing the stupid things I’ve done over the years. Well, at the start of the year, I did an AMA on Nomadic Matt’s forum and one of the questions I was asked was about whether I had any blogging regrets. Of course, […]

5 Tips for Adventure Seekers to Charlotte, North Carolina

This post is originally posted by Bram Reusen on May 23, 2017, on Travel Experience Live. Charlotte, North Carolina, is conveniently surrounded by a wealth of amazing national parks, scenic drives, and world-class hiking destinations. If you’re staying in Charlotte for an extended period of time, such as a week or more, you’ll definitely want to head out and […]

How to Spend a Weekend in St. Louis

This post is originally posted by Violeta Loredana on May 18, 2017, on Earth’s Attractions. St. Louis is a popular travel destination, and it’s no surprise that you’ll find great attractions for all preferences open all year round. Whether you get here by train and choose a hotel near the St. Louis Amtrak Station or you travel […]

How to Rock a Layover in Dubai

I wasn’t planning to visit Dubai. But after I accidentally cancelled my flight back to Lisbon from Cape Town, the cheapest replacement flight took me via Dubai, and it would cost no extra to give myself 24 hours in the city. How could I turn down an offer like that? So, with less than a day’s notice, […]

Plan a Weekend Trip to Phoenix, Arizona | PR Wave

This post is originally posted by Lori on 4/1/2017 on Arizona’s capital, Phoenix, is the sixth largest city in the United States. There is plenty to do here, so make sure you plan your weekend trip to Phoenix in advance to make the most of your time. Choose a hotel in Phoenix that’s close to the […]

Actual Travel Guide | A Day of Hiking in Cinque Terre, Italy

If you’re planning a trip to Cinque Terre, Italy, you need to plan on hiking. The incredible fishing villages are best admired in person. This article from Actual Travel Guide, highlights what a day of hiking in Cinque Terre, Italy is like. What makes a perfect hiking day in Cinque Terre, Italy? Being anywhere and […]

New York Times | 36 Hours in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy is a collection of small fishing villages set alongside the Italian Riviera coastline. These five historical villages provide some of the most amazing food, hiking trails, and beautiful coastal scenery on the planet. This article “36 Hours in Cinque Terre, Italy” was written by Ingrid K. Williams and originally published by the NY Times […]

Cinque Terre, Italy Has Something for Everyone

How many places truly have something for everyone? Sure, places like Paris, Rome, London, San Francisco, New York, just to name a few obvious ones, can say it. But, a group of villages with a population less than 5,000 combined? How could that be? Cinque Terre can deliver in the categories of exercise/fitness/sport, landscape/nature/outdoors, food […]

An Inside Look at Argentina’s Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls sits on the border of the Argentina province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Parana and is arguably the most beautiful waterfall in the world. In fact, CNN says that Iguazu Falls is “unlike any waterfall on the earth” and should be a must-see on everyone’s bucket list. Charlotte Howell shares her experience […]

Actual Travel Guide: Road Tripping the East Coast

The article below “Road Tripping the East Coast” originally appeared on Actual Travel Guide. Check out the top must-see’s on your next road trip through the east coast of the US. Saratoga Springs, NY Enter a small resort town just north of Albany situated at the base of the Adirondack Mountains. Saratoga Springs is the […]