Dr. Robyn Benson of Santa Fe Soul

“Being Bold is being a badass at 52. Being Bold is being courageous and taking on lofty things that most people would not want to be doing at this stage.” – Dr. Robyn Benson Subscribe Now! iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play You’re going to want to grab a pen and paper for this episode […]

Women’s March Founder Teresa Shook

“I’d rather be under-estimated than over. I know what I was capable of and what I had done in my life and if people want to think that I’m just a grandma, well they can. But I’m not just a grandma.” ~ Teresa Shook If you heard my chat with Teri Waros of Moloka’i, you […]

Diane LaVonne of Diane’s Market Kitchen

“Every one of us will go through a devastating experience in our life. It may look different for different people but every single one of us will experience some kind of a devastating loss. Many of us will go fetal position on the floor, if we are willing to accept and embrace the emotional outcome […]

Chef Amy Cyrex Sins from Langlois

“I want to be fulfilled. I want to be inspired. I want to wake up every day and love what I do. How do I get there. What do I love? I love to travel. I love food. I love to learn. And I love to fully immerse myself in culture.” ~ Chef Amy Sins […]

Travel Writer Harriet Baskas

“It’s that thing of following your bliss or just finding what it is that makes you really pleased in a day. And then how to make that fit in the world.” ~ Harriet Baskas You’ll hear in our conversation a list of Harriet’s accomplishments but, in short, you should know that Harriet is a successful […]

Ming Ming from MiMi Globe Goods

“Being bold means not being afraid to take action on your ideas. we all have a lot of ideas…it’s saying let’s take action. It means taking a chance, you don’t know whether it’s going to succeed or not. But knowing you’ve taken the first step, you’ve already succeeded.” ~ Ming Ming Tung-Edelman Ming Ming (MiMi) […]

Buddhist Teacher Linda Fane

“To train in patient acceptance, you would actually bring to meditation a mind that accepts wholeheartedly whatever arises, having given up the idea that things should be any other way.” ~ Linda Fane Linda Fane is what’s called an Agile Coach and Facilitator but what makes Linda so special to me is that she is […]

Author Ella Morton

“You can blame your inaction on something bigger when you know it’s actually you being timid.” ~ Ella Morton This episode is sponsored by Porteen Gear. Ella Morton is the co-author of the book, Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders. And hidden they are. As you’ll hear in our conversation, Ella […]

Teri Waros of Moloka’i

“There’s a lot of us women that at this stage of our life that need to step out of the pace of life and take a look, be a little reflective and Moloka’i holds the space for that. You go to the beach, you’re going to be the only one on the beach.” ~ Teri […]

Jessica Blotter

“Fearlessness is Boldness, they kinda live in the same house. When we can let go of our fear, we can really open up ourselves to unlimited potential.” ~ Jessica Blotter Jessica Blotter is a journalist, speaker, advocate for the greater good, and CEO and co-founder of Kind Traveler, the first ‘Give + Get’ hotel booking […]

Welcome to the Be Bold Podcast!

Welcome to the first episode of the Be Bold podcast! If you like what you hear, please help spread the word. Tell a friend, post on social media, yell out your window. Soon you’ll be able to subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher. For now, subscribe to this feed (try it in your Firefox browser) and […]

Why a Wellness Retreat?

A Wellness Retreat seems like a huge departure from our regular tours. And, at first blush, it is. But if you know the evolution of these transformative getaways, it will all make sense… 🙂 I’ve always followed my heart and my own personal interests when it comes to what we offer as tours/destinations. The one […]

2017 ~ Looking Ahead

Many of us feel that the new year is a time to pause, reflect and make a plan for the coming year. I totally agree with that. I love the feeling of a fresh start, a clean plate. White space, as I’ve called it before. After all the crazy-making of the holiday season (which somehow […]

One Bold Move a Month in 2017 ~ January

In our Be Bold Facebook group, Robbin C. mentioned that she was committed to doing one Bold thing a month in 2017. This got me thinking that we should ALL commit to such a thing! I have several Bold things going on in January… I have been painstakingly learning software editing techniques and conducting some […]

2016 Year in Review

Based on feedback I hear from most everyone I know (in real life and online), 2016 was a bummer of a year. There were deaths in the family, illnesses, injuries and an election that left half the country disappointed and distraught. (No matter the election outcome, one half of the country would have felt the […]