Teri Waros of Moloka’i

“There’s a lot of us women that at this stage of our life that need to step out of the pace of life and take a look, be a little reflective and Moloka’i holds the space for that. You go to the beach, you’re going to be the only one on the beach.” ~ Teri […]

Jessica Blotter

“Fearlessness is Boldness, they kinda live in the same house. When we can let go of our fear, we can really open up ourselves to unlimited potential.” ~ Jessica Blotter Jessica Blotter is a journalist, speaker, advocate for the greater good, and CEO and co-founder of Kind Traveler, the first ‘Give + Get’ hotel booking […]

Welcome to the Be Bold Podcast!

Welcome to the first episode of the Be Bold podcast! If you like what you hear, please help spread the word. Tell a friend, post on social media, yell out your window. Soon you’ll be able to subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher. For now, subscribe to this feed (try it in your Firefox browser) and […]

Why a Wellness Retreat?

A Wellness Retreat seems like a huge departure from our regular tours. And, at first blush, it is. But if you know the evolution of these transformative getaways, it will all make sense… 🙂 I’ve always followed my heart and my own personal interests when it comes to what we offer as tours/destinations. The one […]