Choose from two stunning new Tatonka backpacks (in either case, CORDURA has your back)

Packing for a trip that you hope will be the adventure of a lifetime? Well, anticipation is all part of the excitement. And the pack itself is going to be your constant companion, carrying every last thing you might need over the next few days, weeks or even months. Not just the essentials, but all those almost irreplaceable items like your phone, laptop and camera. Everything that’s important to you personally.

So Tatonka – with their legendary experience of trekking in all its forms – has come up with the new Bison concept engineered with CORDURA® fabric. And to make it even more individual, there are two options. The Bison 90+10 in a men’s/unisex design, and the Bison 60+10 which is adapted to be a better choice for women.

Back-friendly backpacks to lighten the load

The more you can get in to your backpack, the more you’ll get out

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