Choosing a gulet or catamaran for your cruise in Europe

If you have done several cruises in the mediterranean and Caribbean one gets a preference of type of boats to choose. If one goes for a private yacht charter on a catamaran or a wooden traditional gulet. Here our view of the experience with the two

Classic wooden sailing boats like gulets and polyester catamarans are both popular choices for sailing cruise vacations, each offering unique characteristics and experiences. Here are some key differences we have found in services, space, feeling, and crew between the two. Which kind of person are you?

Design and structure

 Gulets are traditional classic wooden sailing vessels, often handcrafted with a classic design and hand made so there are no two same yachts. They typically have a single hull and are known for their charming appearance and spacious decks and below deck space of cabins and ensuites. The warm

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