Choosing the right cruise in Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are well known, not only for its important input to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, but also for its unique wildlife, pristine landscapes, and harsh conditions.

1,000 km away from the South American continent, the Galapagos Islands welcome worldwide travelers keen to watch fearless animal species, volcanic landscapes, as well as enjoying the adventure of sunbathing on unique beaches.

However, how is it cruising the Galapagos Islands? It is the most common question that potential travelers have when they are evaluating Galapagos as their next destination. Cruising is a wonderful experience that everybody should live at least once, and there is no better place than the pristine Galapagos Islands. Once travelers decide to cruise the archipelago, the next big question is should I choose a small or a big yacht?

Hence, the following points may help to answer these questions:

Types of cruise ships

People can

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