Choosing your Thai villa vacation island – Phuket or Samui?

Any 1970s backpacker who would venture into Phuket or Koh Samui today will definitely have a hard time recognizing the places they used to know. The paradise islands of Thailand have grown far from the far-flung tropical hideaways they once were. The old paths are now paved, fishing boats have given way for yachts and cruise ships, and the thatched seaside huts have been replaced by high-end accommodations including star-studded resorts and, of course, private luxury villas.

Though both destinations possess a good selection of holiday homes, every now and then we encounter vacationers at a crossroads in choosing whether to visit one or the other. Of course, we will not and cannot conclude which island is better than the other since every traveler has their own preferences – but we will try to give an overview of how they compare with regards to the factors relevant in choosing your

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