Christmas in Australia – not all barbies, beer and beaches

I’m not entirely sure the Australians quite get Christmas, at least not the way the British do. There are very few decorations in the towns. No lights wound around lampposts, draped over trees or suspended across streets. No Christmas Markets where busy villages are pedestrianised for late night shopping, sweet mince pies and hot mulled wine. Perhaps that’s the clue, it’s just too darned hot.

The Australian humour is always there though, poking fun at the establishment as contentiously and provocatively as possible. The best example, or worst depending on your view, religious persuasion and nationality, is a popular Christmas card featuring Santa Claus crucified on the cross.

We were in Sydney for the weekend, and a visit to the Nippers Christmas event on the beach. Nippers is a Sunday morning institution in Australia. Over 30,000 young Surf Lifesavers aged 5 – 14 years get together on the beaches

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