Climbing a via ferrata in Gran Canaria

Recently I visited the Spanish island of Gran Canaria off north-west Africa whilst working alongside car manufacturer Hyundai. Not only was it an opportunity to experience some highlights of the island, but it also served as a great excuse to test drive the all-new Hyundai i30 Fastback N (pictured here outside our hotel) – part of the i30 family which has been doing very well indeed, with over one million already delivered across Europe.

Designed, built and engineered in Europe, this is very much a European car (despite Hyundai’s South Korean roots) that has already picked up 14 major awards. To add to this, the Fastback N is a more sporty model that has made a very strong entry into the market, with nothing else out there like it, and has been billed by the UK media as a ‘game changer’. The origins of the naming of the ‘N’ range, by the

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