College Shopping 101 in Claremont California

In the flash of an eye, your baby goes from learning to walk to walking across the stage. So time to go shopping, College Shopping, with your teen. National Parks TravelingMom planned a 3-day trip to visit Claremont, California, to tour perspective colleges with her teen and shares her tips. Top tip: Start early and tour schools in bite-size spurts. Read on for more tips for touring colleges in California with kids.

The Claremont Colleges offer some of the most highly ranked liberal arts colleges in the U.S., like Harvey Mudd College. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker / National Parks TravelingMom

Touring Colleges in California with Kids

About 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, I found a quaint town with tree-lined streets and 100-year old homes. With picket-fenced gardens and pastel-painted front porches, I explored the southern Californian college town, Claremont. I found five of the top liberal

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