CoolTan TanThrough Swimwear Review

Added by on November 12, 2018

Finding the perfect swimwear that is travel-friendly, comfortable, AND looks great can seem like an impossible feat. I definitely know that we’ve bought a few duds over the years. It seems like you either have to choose between comfort and fashion most of the time; either your suit is super comfortable but not flattering whatsoever or they’re incredibly stylish. Plus, one of the best parts about going to sunny locations is coming home with a sunny glow and amazing color, but most swimsuits will give you annoying and awkward tan lines. Definitely not a souvenir we want to come home with! That’s why we were super excited when we were sent TanThrough swimsuits from the company CoolTanⓇ. CoolTan is changing the swimsuit game and making it easier and more comfortable than ever before to get an incredible, natural tan.

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