COVID-19 coronavirus: 39 ways the travel industry is being impacted

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 coronavirus has had a profound effect upon the travel industry, as it has on most sectors around the world. But travel and hospitality is perhaps one of those areas that has seen the most immediate economic impact. Amid the chaos that the travel industry suddenly finds itself in, we reached out to a number of professionals within the industry to see how it was impacting them and their clients, and to see what they thought the future held.

Here are just some of the many responses we received:

“Of course, the pandemic has effected our Spring departures, but being a luxury adventure travel company, our guests tend to be a bit more intrepid than the average traveler. Because of that,73% of our guests reserved on March-May trips have simply transferred their dates to the fall or in 2021, and we’ve actually had

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