Cuba’s spectacular new voice – Daymé Arocena

Cuba’s passion for music is legendary and is big part of the country’s extraordinary spirit, here our guest writer Johanna Derry tells us about Cuba’s up and coming new talent Daymé Arocena…

‘I’m not the kind of beauty that some people want to see,’ Daymé Arocena states guilelessly. On the release of her latest recording Cubáfonia, the 24-year-old Cuban singer is striking, a figure dressed in her now trademark white, with a serenity and self-composure that belies the power and sumptuousness of the voice she carries.

Since she recorded her first album, Nueva Era, in 2015, Arocena has captured the attention of critics and music lovers from all over the world, singing jazz that references Cuban rhythms like rumba, guagancó and changüí. The Guardian declared hers ‘a rich and powerful new voice,’ and NPR said they found it hard to imagine a better voice to open her country’s gates.

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