Cuenca: A paradise in the Ecuadorian Andes

Cuenca: A paradise in the Ecuadorian Andes By on Apr 26, 2023 in Ecuador, Regions, South America

At 2,538 meters above sea level, Cuenca, the provincial capital of Azuay in the south of Ecuador, is situated in a lovely valley surrounded by Andean mountains. It is unquestionably one of the most stunning cities in the entirety of South America, with one of the best preserved historic centers in the world, which led to its designation as an Ecuadorian cultural heritage on March 29, 1982. A magnificent city established in 1557 in accordance with the strict urban regulations ordered by the Spanish King Carlos V thirty years earlier. The eastern zone of this lovely city, which has a total area of almost 16,000 hectares, is located in the Andes Mountain range, while the western zone is on the coast. The temperature in this city is typically constant

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