Cupcakes, Fudge & Chocolate: Dessert & Wine Pairings You Have to Try in Stellenbosch!

As a self-professed foodie with an affinity for desserts, there’s nothing I enjoy more in life than a little something sweet, so as you can probably imagine, I was more than a little giddy when I discovered that there are a few wineries in Stellenbosch that offer dessert and wine pairings. Yes, we’re talking cupcakes, fudge and chocolate here!

Today I’m going to be highlighting three wineries that are perfect for dessert lovers as well as suggesting a few others that are still on my foodie bucket list, so let’s dive right in.

Cupcake and Wine Pairing at Delheim

First up, let’s talk about one of the most popular pairings in Stellenbosch: wine and cupcakes!

For this wine tasting, we visited Delheim, which is a family-owned estate on the slopes of Simonsberg Mountain. After enjoying a delicious Cape Malay meal at their restaurant, we moved to their downstairs tasting room,

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