Destination: the other OTHER Roman coliseum — this one’s in Pula, Croatia

What’s with the ‘other OTHER’ title? Awhile back we enjoyed one of the Roman coliseum in El Jem, Tunisia. I called that one the ‘other’ Roman coliseum, after the much more widely known Coliseum in Rome. That makes this one the other OTHER Roman coliseum.

I’ll note that some research helped me find this Wikipedia page, which lists “at least 230 amphitheaters” throughout the former Roman Empire. While I might make it a point to see other coliseums if they’re nearby, there are over 200 coliseums scattered across dozens of modern-day countries.

This one, however, was still pretty cool. Dubbed the Pula Arena or the Arena of Pula, this is the sixth largest remaining Roman amphitheater in the world, and the only one left to have four side walls preserved. You’ll find it on the back of the 10 Croatian kuna note (the smallest banknote), and it’s the best preserved archaeological site

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