Diane LaVonne of Diane’s Market Kitchen

“Every one of us will go through a devastating experience in our life. It may look different for different people but every single one of us will experience some kind of a devastating loss. Many of us will go fetal position on the floor, if we are willing to accept and embrace the emotional outcome from that devastating loss. I was willing to go to that emotional place and sit there until I was done with it.” ~ Diane LaVonne

Diane LaVonne of Diane’s Market Kitchen in Seattle, wears her heart on her sleeve in this conversation. She speaks truth, she’s confident, she’s raw and she’s just simply lovely.

She’s an anthropologist/historian by education, she’s worked in the pharmaceutical industry, she’s owned a catering business, she’s raised a family, she served on a school board, taught martial arts and now runs her own business that’s pretty close to the heart

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